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4 Products That Will Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine 1 - 4 Products That Will Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

As much as we’d love to give ourselves a good blowout and carefully apply our makeup each morning, that’s not always realistic.

Sometimes we oversleep, and other times getting ourselves (and others) out the door on time is an accomplishment just in itself. But having little time to get ready doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice appearance.

In under five minutes, you can apply makeup to the key areas of your face – your eyes and lips. And we’re not talking about giving your eyes and lips the full works, with liner, primer, shadow, etc. We’re talking about doing the very basics. We’re talking about doing just a few things that will help you feel confident. After all, you don’t wear makeup to impress other people. You wear makeup because it makes you feel good. When you like the way you look, you’ll feel much more confident in taking on whatever the day may bring.

What I’m about to suggest only requires four products. If you can manage to get enough time in your morning schedule for these four things, you’ll look and feel great throughout the day.

Here are four tips for when you’re short on time getting ready:

1.  Fill in your brows.

fill in your brows - 4 Products That Will Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

I’ve been hooked on filling in my eyebrows since I discovered eyebrow pencils a couple years ago. I can have on absolutely no makeup, and simply filling in my eyebrows makes me feel like I’ve beautified my slate. Whether you prefer to use a pencil or a shadow, full eyebrows bring out your eyes. When your eyebrows are nicely shaped over eyes, your other facial features are also accented.

2.  Apply mascara.

apply mascara - 4 Products That Will Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

Mascara helps make your eyes appear to be more open, hence, making you look fresh. (And if you’re short on time, you could probably use help looking as fresh as possible.) Your eyes are often what people look at when speaking to you, so accenting your eyes make you appear to be fully ready. We just talked about how filling in your eyebrows brings out your eyes, and applying mascara takes that a step further.

3.  Go for a bold lip.

go for a bold lip - 4 Products That Will Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

The next step when you’re short on time getting ready is to go for a bold lip. Wearing a bold lip color – like red or berry – accentuates your lips and gives your face a pop of color. Because you’re not wearing blush, powder or foundation, the bold lipstick is essential. There’s no makeup to give your face dimension, and that’s where the lipstick comes in.

4.  Spritz some perfume.

spritz some perfume - 4 Products That Will Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Perfume isn’t a makeup product.” But, spritzing a little perfume is the last step to making yourself look and feel fabulous when you’re short on time. The scent of perfume makes you feel like you’ve taken an extra step in getting ready. And in actuality, you have, but it was a very small one. Plus, when people smell your perfume, they’ll get the same impression – that you went through all the stops getting ready for the day. And what they don’t know won’t them.

When you have little time to get ready, focus on applying basic makeup products to your eyes and lips. These two areas of your face can be accented in a way that illuminates your entire face. Filling in your eyebrows and applying mascara will help your eyes pop, and the rich lip color will do the same for your lips. When you optimize these two facial features, and add a little perfume, you’ll feel refreshed and put-together. Not to mention, you’ll feel confident and like you put in much more effort than you did.

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