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8 Lip Colors We Can%E2%80%99t Wait to Wear This Fall - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

As summer fades to fall, we experience many changes in color schemes. Bright, green leaves turn to deep oranges and reds, and our wardrobe transforms in the same way. We replace our pastel and bright staple pieces with neutral and jewel-toned items. And we also change our lip colors. From rich hues to light nudes, lots of lip colors pair perfectly with fall wardrobes. But, there are a few shades that we can’t wait to wear.

Here are the eight fall lipstick trends we can’t wait to wear:

1.  Classic Red

Urban Decay vice lipstick in spiderweb - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Classic red is a lip color that is functional in every season, but there’s something stunning about a classic red lip in the fall. Our skin is less sun-kissed, so the red just pops. A red lip looks great with all the fall wardrobe colors like tans, blacks and olives.

Our pick: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Spiderweb

2.  Rich Plum

Marc Jacobs Beauty le marc lip creme lipstick in scandal 226 intense plum 1 - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Jewel tones may make for great fall fashion pieces, but they also make for great shades of lipstick. A rich plum lip can also be paired with tans, blacks and olives for a put-together, chic look.

Our Pick: Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Creme Lipstick in Scandal 226 – Intense Plum

3.  Berry

Tom Ford lip color matte in black dahlia - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Berry falls between classic red and rich plum on the lip color spectrum. It’s a great color to wear when you want something bright, but not too bright, and something edgy, but not too wild. Berry shades can vary from deep fuchsias to purply reds, so there’s a berry lip color for every outfit.

Our Pick: Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Black Dahlia

4.  Dark Taupe

Anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick in katheryn - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

A bold, dark lip is phenomenal, but a dark taupe shade takes the cake. Not many people feel comfortable wearing such a dark shade, so when you do, you look extremely fierce. I’ve noticed, however, a downside to dark taupe is that you need to reapply often. When the color fades on the inside of your bottom lip, it becomes very noticeable. Reapplying often is a bit of a hassle, but keeps the lip color looking fresh and even.

Our Pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Katheryn

5.  Pink Nude

Tarte tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in festival - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Pink nudes never go out of style. They are absolutely perfect in spring, summer, fall and winter. But, we especially love a pink nude lip in the fall. Partner items of rich fall hues – like an army green jacket or a deep purple dress – with a nude pink lip for a classic, feminine look.

Our Pick: Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Festival

6.  Muted Brown

mac matte lipstick velvet teddy - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Like pink nudes, a muted brown lip color offers a neutral lip to match any outfit. It’s a little darker and flatter than pink nude. If you like a little more dimension, try lining your lips with a muted brown, then filling them in with a pink nude. Once you blend the colors slightly, your lips will be accentuated nicely.

Our Pick: Mac Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

7.  Muted Coral

bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in sweet cream muted peach - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Bright coral lip colors are excellent staples for summer, but it doesn’t work as well for fall. A muted coral, however, is a perfect touch to brighten up the face in the cooler months. Many fall wardrobe pieces have light beige or blush in the pattern to even out the rich tones. A muted coral lip will pull out those lighter colors, while giving your lips a subtle pop of color.

Our Pick: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Sweet Cream – Muted Peach

8.  Burnt Orange-Red

Burberry beauty lip velvet matte lipstick in no. 412 orange red - 8 Fall Lipstick Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

Burnt orange-red is a lip color that we mainly see worn in the fall. So, it feels special when it comes time to wear it. This shade is flexible, making it a perfect match for many fall colors, including neutrals and even some of the jewel tones. We love wearing a burnt orange-red lip between the start of fall and the end of November while orange hues are still prominent.

Our Pick: Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Matte Lipstick in No. 412 Orange Red

From amber and olive to emerald and deep purple, fall boasts a color scheme of rich, earthy tones. When you marry a fall outfit with it’s perfect lip color match, you’ll be ready to strut into fall.

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