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You Are Not Broken - You Are Not Broken

You know those days when life just seems too hard?  Maybe something terrible has happened causing you heartbreak, or things have built up and you feel like you are at breaking point.  Maybe you are dealing with health challenges or family situations that make you feel like you are about to have a break down.  Sure, if you have health challenges your body may not be functioning as you would hope, it might even actually be broken, but you are not your body.  Oh no, you are so much more than the vessel you are in.

As a life coach and women’s wellness mentor, I often hear women I work with saying that they feel broken and just need someone to fix them.  If only they could fix that part of themselves they don’t love, or that bad habit, or that feeling they don’t think they should feel.  But here’s the thing – they are not broken!

For example, your heart doesn’t break.  That pain you feel deep in your chest when someone hurts you really bad, I believe they are growing pains. That is your heart expanding from wisdom and strength through lessons, gifts, to enable you to one day love even more.

When everything feels like it is going haywire as you walk a new path, scared and unsure, you are not broken, but breaking through.  Another lesson, a gift, to deliver a message to serve your future self.  And when you are emotionally exhausted because life is just too much right now, you are not broken, but perhaps a little cracked, and that is okay!  Because after all, it is cracks that we need to let the light in, so embrace them!  You are not broken gorgeous, and you do not need to be fixed – despite what people may tell you!

Every time you turn on the TV or browse the internet, there will be someone, somewhere, trying to tell you that you are inadequate or incapable.  No wonder we believe we are broken!

Maybe you need to lose 20 pounds, or you have too many wrinkles, or you behave in a certain way when you really shouldn’t, apparently.  Maybe you don’t know the answers, or if they are right, and you definitely don’t want to guess, because what if you do already know and you are in fact not broken at all.  Who can we rely on to fix us then?  Atleast you know that if you buy the product or service ‘they’ are offering, you will be fixed!  And when you fix the flaws you will be free, right? Except you are not broken!

No matter how many cracks you have, no matter how weak you feel, you will heal.  We are made to heal and will always do so, if we just let ourselves.  Surrender to what is.  Remember your worth.  Forget the ego, forget the stories you have been told (and tell yourself), and instead just remember.  Unlearn.  You already have all you need within you.  You already know the answers.  You just need to ask yourself the right questions, and listen.   You are not broken.  You are capable, strong, and you’ve totally got this!

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Published by

Krystal Gordon

Krystal Gordon, creator of self-care program Love Nourish Be and global ambassador for the Body Image Movement, is extremely passionate about empowering women to be their most amazing, authentic selves using an honest, holistic and heart-centred approach to wellness. After a lifetime of being at war with her body, this busy Mama transformed her life (and health) through self-love, acceptance and vulnerability, and along the way discovered her true purpose of inspiring other women to do the same.

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