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why you should go camping next weekend - Why You Should Go Camping Next Weekend!

Dew kissed sunrises, beautiful sunny days, cool afternoons, glorious golden sunsets and clear night skies dancing with twinkling stars.  No TV.  No computers.  No world news.  No social media.  A life detox if you will!  Bliss… This Easter long weekend called for a camping getaway and it was perfect.  Sure, there were a few annoying mosquitos at dusk, an overtired 3-year-old on occasions, and cows mooing outside our camper at 2am one morning, but still, bliss…  There is a lot to be said about camping, and if you haven’t done it a while (or ever!), you should plan your next trip now.

It’s super affordable

its super affordable camping - Why You Should Go Camping Next Weekend!

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As far as getaways go, once you have your equipment, camping would have to be one of the cheapest options available to families.  Fuel for your vehicle, an esky full of food and depending on where you camp, maybe a site fee.  Do some research or ask around, to find the perfect budget friendly spot to suit you and your family.  From popular parks to remote woods, there is an option for everyone!

Enjoy mother nature’s gifts

enjoy mother natures gifts camping - Why You Should Go Camping Next Weekend!

Credit: Stocksnap

My favourite thing about camping is undoubtedly disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, and submersing myself in all of mother nature’s glory.  The flora, fauna, earth and fresh air are all glorious gifts that we so often overlook in our everyday lives.  When there is no clock to watch or appointment to be at next, time almost slows down and you can truly appreciate the things around you that are so often ignored or taken for granted.  Be present in the moment and appreciate the sun rising and falling whilst listening to the birds chirping around you.  You can take your time swimming in mother nature’s creeks/oceans/lakes and actually take note how the cool water feels as it embraces your body.  Even if it rains, stop and smell the beautiful fresh dewy air, and feel the earth under your feet – it really is magic!


play camping - Why You Should Go Camping Next Weekend!

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Sit down on the grass, or in the sand, and play with your children.  Play with your partner, your friends and family.  Go for a hike.  Swim.  Ride.  Pull out the board games or a deck of cards. Play eye spy, hopscotch, or chasey.  Make something creative using bits and bobs you find in nature. Grab a torch and go exploring after dark.  Whatever you do, do it mindfully – let your imagination run wild and enjoy it!

Take time out

take time out camping 1 - Why You Should Go Camping Next Weekend!

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Whether alone, with your family or a group of friends, take time out.  Time for you to just be.  Let your surroundings recharge your body and soul.  Read a book you have been thinking about, journal about what is really important to you, listen to a guided meditation or simply sleep/rest and be still out in the open – hammocks are the best for this!  As always, it is so beneficial for your own wellbeing to make time for you.

Whether you go for a weekend or a week, enjoy every moment.  Going back to basics and camping in the outdoors really allows you stop, be grounded, and appreciate all you have.  Go on, disconnect from day to day life in order to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

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Krystal Gordon

Krystal Gordon, creator of self-care program Love Nourish Be and global ambassador for the Body Image Movement, is extremely passionate about empowering women to be their most amazing, authentic selves using an honest, holistic and heart-centred approach to wellness. After a lifetime of being at war with her body, this busy Mama transformed her life (and health) through self-love, acceptance and vulnerability, and along the way discovered her true purpose of inspiring other women to do the same.

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