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It can be tough finding a swimsuit you love. You want to find the one that accentuates your best features, hugs you just right and makes you feel confident. But the search isn’t over once you find it. Every woman needs more than one good swimsuit on hand.

Think you can manage this summer with one swimsuit? Read on, girlfriend. We’re going to explain why you shouldn’t have only one bathing suit.

It will show early signs of wear and tear.

Wearing the same swimsuit every time you need a suit means it’s going to show early signs of wear and tear. Its colors will fade, elastic could become exposed and the material could snag and fray. All the elements that swimsuits are exposed to – sunlight, chlorine, sunscreen and oils – are hard on the material. These elements can deteriorate a swimsuit’s quality overtime. The damage will happen much quicker if the swimsuit never gets a break from these elements.

You’ll have to wash it too often.

Like lingerie, swimsuits must be properly washed to rid them of the sweat and oils. Otherwise, these products can seep and set into the swimsuit’s material. It’s best practice to rinse a suit after each use to eliminate some of those products. However, only having one swimsuit means you’ll be washing it much more often than it can withstand. Have more than one swimsuit in rotation means you can wear and wash them equally – preserving the quality of each.

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best one piece swimsuits

Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Black

You’ll need to reserve one swimsuit for hot tubs.

Hot water is actually very hard on your swimsuit, so you’ll want to reserve one suit for hot tubs. (You won’t want to wash your swimsuits in hot water either.) It’s a good idea to use one of your older swimsuits for the hot tub – or at least one that isn’t your favorite. You certainly won’t want to wear the same swimsuit in hot tubs, in pools and while laying out. Have a couple of swimsuits on hand for regular use and one for hot tub use.

It won’t retain its shape and fit for long.

Only wearing one swimsuit means it’s going to lose its shape and fit quicker. Simply wearing the suit stretches the material slightly. That’s why overtime you may realize your swimsuit – especially bottoms – becomes saggy or loose in the waistband. Wearing the swimsuit every time you need to put on a suit will speed up that aging process.

The elements the swimsuit is exposed to also affects its quality. Then you factor in washing the suit and possibly wearing it in hot tubs. That gorgeous swimsuit that fit just right won’t boost your confidence for long. You’ll want to make sure you have more than one swimsuit in rotation, so they continue to support and hug your body.

You’ll spend more money on swimsuits.

Swimsuits aren’t cheap. You may think you’re saving money by only buying one. But, the truth is you may spend more money when you buy just one. The more you wear it, the more its quality will decrease. You’ll need to replace the swimsuit sooner than later to ensure it still fits and makes you feel as good as the day you bought. Buy only one swimsuit and you may need to replace it before the season’s over. However, buy a few and you’ll be able to keep those suits looking fabulous for next season, too.

You feel a little vulnerable when wearing a swimsuit. Why would you want to wear one that looks old and doesn’t boost your confidence while wearing it? It’s so important to have at least a few swimsuits. This helps them maintain their fit and quality, while making you feel great when wearing them.

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Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Black

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Happy swimsuit shopping!

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Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Black
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