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It goes without saying that the cups on a bra are pretty crucial — after all, they’re the component that contains your actual breasts. When the cups fit flawlessly, your bra not only flatters your figure but makes your tops and dresses hang better. On the other hand, when your cups don’t fit quite right, they can put a serious dent in your look (not to mention your comfort). One of the most common issues when it comes to cups is gaping.

If you’ve ever noticed wrinkles or puckers in the cups of your bra, you’re probably curious as to the cause — as well as what you can do about it. In this guide, we’ve detailed why gaping happens, as well as some quick fixes to ensure your cups look smooth and seamless.

What causes gaping?

The bottom line is that gaping indicates there’s too much room in your cups, and you’re not filling them out adequately.

There are several reasons why this might be happening. For one, you may simply be wearing a cup size that’s too large. Did you lose a notable amount of weight recently? If so, and you’re still wearing the same bras, it’s time to get professionally fitted to assess how your size has changed. Additionally, bras obviously stretch out over time with wearing and washing. So if you notice that a bra you’ve owned for more than six months to a year is suddenly gaping in the cups, it may simply be time to toss it and go shopping for a new, better fitting bra.

It’s also worth noting that certain breast shapes are more prone to gaping cups. For example, those with asymmetric boobs may find that one cup fits while the other puckers since their breasts are two different sizes. Those with slender or pendulous breasts may also struggle with this issue because the bulk of the tissue is at the bottom of the breasts, and since the tops of them are more shallow, they won’t fill out the top of the cups as well.

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What can I do about it?

Don’t fret: You don’t have to grin and bear the gaping. In fact, there are a number of solutions to this pesky problem.

Sometimes solving this unsightly issue is as simple as tightening the straps. If the straps are too loose, your breasts won’t be getting enough support, which means the tissue will sink lower into the cups, thus causing the top of the cups to wrinkle.

If that doesn’t work, you might need to try a smaller cup size. Obviously, if your breasts are swimming in the cups, you’re bound to see gaping.

And if neither of those tactics is effective, it’s time to experiment with some different bra styles to find some that work for your breast shape. For example, full-cup bras may not work as well for those with slender or athletic breasts, as the cups simply offer too much coverage. Women with these breast shapes may want to try a demi-cup bra instead — the cups provide notably less coverage (only covering about two-thirds of the breasts) and are therefore less likely to pucker. Have asymmetric breasts? Then you could try a molded bra (potentially with an insert into the cup of the smaller breast), which will provide some much-needed extra shaping to even out the appearance of your different-sized boobs.

If you struggle with having too much room at the top of the bra cups, plunge bras and push-up bras are both phenomenal options to consider as well because the cups are angled and also push the breast tissue upwards, thus reducing gaping.

One final question: Have you been fitted recently? If not, it’s highly advisable. A professional bra fitter can not only measure you to ensure you’re wearing the correct cup and band size, but also make personalized recommendations on bra styles that will work best for your shape. So, if you’re sick of seeing your bra cups wrinkle or pucker, this is a smart first step to quickly solving the problem.

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Happy bra shopping!

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