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Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe 1 - Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe

Many bloggers have documented their own trials and tribulations of creating capsule wardrobes, which is a small collection of clothes for the season that they can mix-and-match, with no additions made and the rest of their clothes tucked away in storage.

Whether they’re a lifestyle blog or fashionistas, the idea of simplify their wardrobe to help declutter, save money on buying new clothes, and create easy outfits daily can be a lure.

Because I was new to the world of simplified dressing and capsule wardrobes, I did my research and found some great inspiration from four bloggers with tried and true methods, so you can hit the ground running, and start creating your capsule wardrobe today.

1.  Pinch of Yum | Lindsay Ostrom

pinch of yum capsule wardrobe 1 1024x684 - Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe

Pinch of Yum blogger Lindsay has a great beginners guide to creating a capsule wardrobe. Even though she isn’t a fashion blogger (she’s a foodie), she believes in simplifying life wherever possible and swears by her capsule wardrobe techniques Lindsay was hooked when she realized that, with a capsule wardrobe, “that dreaded standing-in-front-of-the-closet moment each morning turns from a 10 minute ordeal into a 10 second decision.” She starts by identifying three primary outfit categories that are most relevant to her lifestyle, then finds the clothes that fit those categories. Smart! She even has a handy template for you to use!

2.  Anusch Karees | The Curated Closet

anush karees instagram 1 - Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe

Anusch Karees, also invaluable in my research for this piece, is credited with being one of the first people to pioneer the capsule wardrobe technique, and blog about it extensively. Her list of FAQs are great if you’re having second thoughts about slimming down your wardrobe, and her handy step-by-step guide is a must read. She even includes example capsule wardrobes so you can see a sample of what her closet looks like.

3.  Be More With Less | Courtney Carver

be more with less instagram 1 - Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe

Be More With Less author Courtney Carver believes in making small changes that have a big impact on her life, allowing her to live with purpose. She’s also the mind behind the 333 Project, which sets the challenge of finding 33 pieces for your capsule wardrobe that you wear for 3 months (a season). She has a great guide to building your own capsule wardrobe too, centered around her 333 Project

4.  Unfancy | Caroline Joy Rector

unfancy instagram - Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe

Last but not least, Unfancy blogger Caroline Rector was inspired by Courtney Carver to start her own capsule experiment and start to simplify her life. She has all her capsules available for you to view (which is great inspiration) and also has a planner for you to follow if you’d like to start your own. She has a great interview with The Every Girl where she describes how she started, where she derived her inspiration, and the easy steps to follow to start your own capsule wardrobe.

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Unsure a capsule wardrobe is for you?

capsule wardrobe ideas - Where To Find Inspiration For Your Capsule Wardrobe

If you buy clothes on a whim, because they’re in the clearance section (the word “sale” almost always gets me) or because you’ve had a bad day, put your wallet down and instead take a long look at your wardrobe.

Which pieces actually fit your style?

What are you keeping just because you might wear it “one day”, or because you paid good money for it?

And what do you wear all the time that you could build an outfit around?

Once you start asking yourself these questions, the idea of a capsule wardrobe will begin to make a lot more sense.

If you want less hassle in the morning, less clutter in your wardrobe, and more money in your bank, get inspired by these capsule wardrobe bloggers and start living a simpler, but still stylish, life.

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{Editor’s Note: This blog post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands or businesses mentioned in this post.}


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