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When Should I Stop Wearing Nursing Bras

There’s no doubt about it: Nursing bras can be a godsend after childbirth. Not only do they make breastfeeding more convenient, but they are also usually rather comfortable — meaning you can easily wear them during the day as well as to bed at night. But buying and wearing nursing bras often comes with a whole slew of questions for new moms. For example, many mothers wonder how many nursing bras they’ll need, which styles to buy, how often to wash them, and whether they can wear them to sleep. Another common question: When should you stop wearing nursing bras? Is there an ideal time frame to trade them in for your normal bras?

It’s a complex issue, but don’t fret — we’re diving into everything you need to know on the subject in this handy guide.

When to start wearing nursing bras

There are many benefits to wearing nursing bras — but in order to reap them, you’ll need to start wearing them at the right time. For one, nursing bras typically offer an immense amount of support, which is crucial throughout every stage of breastfeeding. Not only that but since they allow easy access to the nipple, they make breastfeeding so much simpler and hassle-free.

So, when should you start wearing those nursing bras? You may choose to start wearing them as soon as your baby is born. Some women start wearing them at some point during the second trimester of pregnancy, as they find them comfier during all the changes their breasts are going through. However, you’ll get the most perks out of them when you’re actually nursing.

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When to stop wearing nursing bras

At what point you stop wearing nursing bras will depend on several factors. That said, there are a couple matters to take into account when hanging up your nursing bras.

For one, it obviously depends on when you stop breastfeeding. Should you choose to breastfeed, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nursing for six months and then switching to a combo of breast milk and solid foods for about a year at least. Some mothers decide to stop breastfeeding entirely after six months, while others opt to breastfeed for as long as two years. There’s no hard or fast rule when it comes to how long you choose to breastfeed for, but that time frame will obviously come into account when deciding how long you’ll wear your nursing bras for.

There’s another factor to consider as well: leakage. It’s very common for the nipples to occasionally leak some breast milk — for example, in between breastfeeds, or even while nursing from the opposite nipple. As some women continue to experience this leakage for a little while during and right after weaning their baby off breast milk, they may choose to wear nursing bras for a little longer. Many nursing bras contain pads inside the cups that can help to absorb any milk that leaks out. However, if you don’t wish to wear your nursing bras any longer, you can also purchase breast pads to insert into any bra.

Wearing a nursing bra is a matter of personal preference. In other words, there’s no rule that you have to wear them at any point while breastfeeding. That said, there are many advantages to them. If you do decide to try swapping your regular bras for nursing bras while breastfeeding, be sure to get fitted by a professional before investing in any. Your bra size can change slightly or dramatically during pregnancy as well as nursing, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing the correct size while your breasts are undergoing so many changes in order to ensure you get adequate support and avoid any unnecessary discomfort. After all, a nursing bra isn’t meant to add any extra stress to your life — in fact, it’s designed to make your life easier!

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Happy bra shopping!

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