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what size nursing bra

Nursing bras play a pivotal role in your breastfeeding experience. Not only do they make nursing your infant far more convenient, but they can also help you to feel more comfortable throughout.

Of course, as with your traditional bras, you’ll need to wash them regularly. But how often? Read on to find out!

General guidance

Your nursing bras have to withstand a lot. Between night sweats (if you’re wearing them to sleep), milk leakage, and some stray dribble from your little one, they can get soiled much faster than your other bras. And if you’re wearing them during the summer, you can add perspiration to the list. As such, it’s best to wash your bra after every wear — about every 24 hours.

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The rotation rule

It’s important to have at least three nursing bras in your collection. That way, when you’re washing one, you still have a clean one to wear as well as a backup (which is super helpful if you don’t do laundry daily). Wearing the same nursing bra throughout your pregnancy will cause a lot of wear and tear on it, loosening the elasticity and quickly compromising the support it can offer. So when you’re shopping for nursing bras, pick up a few so that you can rotate them throughout the week.

Stain smarts

Does your nursing bra smell like rotten milk? While washing it by hand (which we always recommend over machine washing), simply scrub it with some baking soda and then leave it to soak in warm water overnight. You can also add some essential oil, such as lavender, to lend a pleasant scent that counteracts the stain. The next morning, rinse the bra a few times before laying it flat to dry.

Cleaning these crucial undergarments at the right frequency will ensure that they last longer. If you do rotate them and care for them properly — which means hand washing them after every use and air drying them — then they should last you through your entire breastfeeding experience.

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We Highly Recommend

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Happy bra shopping!

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