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What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

When the leaves start to change and the temperatures start to drop, your light and floaty summer dresses may no longer seem like appealing choices for upcoming weddings. Pale pastel colors and thin materials giving you the blues? Dive into this pile of fall formal wear and get inspired by the warm hues, long lines, and full-sleeves of the new season.

1.  Focus on warm hues like plum, maroon, and burgundy, or jewel tones like emerald green.

You can also play with darker colors like grey, navy blue, and even black! Patterns are obviously good for all seasons, but dark backgrounds and brighter details are definitely appropriate for fall.

2.  Go for warmer fabrics, as you never know what kind of weather will strike on the big day.

A tweed dress is a perfect example, because it isn’t statement making by itself, but is neutral enough that it can be paired with bright shoes or a clutch and still be warm and wedding-worthy.

3.  Wearing a two-piece instead of a dress means you can find that perfect balance between warm and stylish, and give your dresses a rest.

Try a midi skirt for a change, like this gorgeous black floral one that seamlessly ties the outfit together (and even matches the shoes!) You could also pair your maxi skirt with a same-color top and belt for an instant faux-gown. I absolutely love the idea of pairing two different pieces together, like this outfit, because you can truly turn demure individual pieces into works of art!

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fall wedding outfit ideas

4.  The long lines of full sleeves and floor-length dresses may have seemed a bit much for a summer wedding, but they set the perfect tone for fall.

Get your long-sleeved maxi dresses out of the closet and style them up, like this gorgeous sunny yellow version, which is neutral enough that any clutch, shoes, and jacket will pair nicely with it

5.  Go beyond the simple pashmina and up your fall style game with a jacket, a blazer, a cape, or a coat.

Layered on top of a darker outfit, the pop of color instantly brightens your look, and makes a shorter dress feel more formal (and warm!) A solid green blazer plays perfectly with all the many accents in this dress, and the dark green bag finished off the outfit!

6.  Get your outfit together in one quick step by wearing a jump suit.

You don’t have to worry about dress length, whether your bra shows or how to keep your strapless up – just suit up and get going. Pair with a clutch and cute heels and you’re ready to rock all day and night. I love this look because it can easily be dressed up or down, worn to a day function or a night time affair, simply by changing the hair, makeup, and accessories. It’s so versatile, you don’t have to spend money on an outfit you’ll never wear again.

Still not sure what to wear to your next wedding?

After you check the dress code, check the venue and time of ceremony/reception. These will give you hint as to what length your dress should be, whether you can show a little skin or need to cover up, and what the most appropriate color combinations might be. Still unsure? Ask the bride for recommendations! She is the most familiar with all things wedding, after all, and can help make sure you don’t clash (or match) with her color scheme.

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What’s your go-to wedding outfit? Share your fall wedding ideas with us!


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