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perfect figures

When you think of the phrase “perfect figure”, what comes to mind? Do you think of a specific body type or clothing size? Maybe your first thought is of someone you admire, a role model that you may or may not know personally. Or maybe you’re not sure how to define it or what it means to you because you’ve never thought about it before.

To us, a #PerfectFigure is about empowerment. It’s about embracing the you that you are today and learning how to appreciate your body and everything it does for you. It’s being kind to your body, working out because it makes you feel good, wearing clothes that flatter your body (and bras that fit well), and stopping the negative self-talk because it doesn’t do anything for your body or your mind. It’s about listening to what you need and realizing that you are perfect just as you are, even if you’re a work-in-progress.

Here’s what being a #PerfectFigure means to these six incredible women (and why you’re a #PerfectFigure too):

Amy Stretten

perfect figure

Amy is wearing the Parfait Marion Unlined Wire Bra P5392 & Parfait Marion Hipster P5395 in Black


Amy Marguerite Stretten is a bilingual (Spanish/English) independent multimedia journalist, blogger, model and podcast host based in Los Angeles, California. She is Native American from the Chickahominy Tribe of Virginia. She draws from her personal experience, navigating the world through a multicultural lens, to share stories that matter but may otherwise be misunderstood or overlooked.


On the phrase “plus size”:

“Some people think that plus size is a dirty word. I think it’s an empowering word and one that creates community. Lots of folks are able to use that as a hashtag on instagram, for example, and find their other curvy sisters. Once I was able to admit to myself that I’m curvy and never going to be the stick thin woman I always thought I wanted to be, that’s when I became confident in my own skin. I have thick thighs and strong arms and I just think that’s great!” 


What having a #perfectfigure means to Amy:

“A perfect figure to me has nothing to do with one’s body type. Being a perfect figure means loving yourself just as you are, seeing yourself as “perfect” despite what “flaws” one may have according to society. Being a perfect figure in this campaign means sharing your self love with the world, inspiring others to love themselves unconditionally too.” 


Tanesha Brown

perfect figure

Tanesha is wearing the Parfait Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra P5351 & Parfait Sandrine Hipster P5355 in Black


Diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 5, Tanesha endured years of bullying (even being called a “Dalmatian”) before learning to love herself. Now fully embracing (and loving!) the skin she’s in, Tanesha is a mother of two twin boys, a motivational speaker and makeup artist. In conjunction with the American Cancer Society, Tanesha hosts in-hospital classes teaching cancer patients best makeup techniques while undergoing treatment.


On having vitiligo:

“It’s satisfying to me that I know when I step into a room I’m going to be the only one that looks like me.”


What having a #perfectfigure means to Tanesha:

“To me, having a “perfect figure” means just being comfortable, 100% comfortable. Doing whatever it is you like, whoever it is you are. If there are things you want to improve on, do it. But not to be anyone else’s type of perfect. You only need to be the type of perfect that YOU are happy with and want to be!”


Candice Kelly

perfect figure

Candace is wearing the Parfait Jeanie Strapless Bra 4815 & Parfait Jeanie High-Cut Brief 4803 in Black


Enthusiastic about style and beauty for as long as she can remember (7 years old to be exact!), modeling has allowed California native Candice Kelly to turn her passion into something more – a platform to inspire others to embrace their true beautiful self. In addition to making waves as a plus-size pioneer in the digital style world, Candice is also an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. One that involves eating healthy, working out regularly, staying hydrated and getting plenty of beauty sleep!


On being curvy:

“You have your regular iPhone and you have your iPhone plus. I’m an iPhone plus. I operate on the same IOS just like the regular one. I just come a little bit bigger.”


What having a #perfectfigure means to Candice:

“Having a perfect figure means being fully aware of and accepting of yourself. When you know who you are no one can say anything to discourage you from trying new things, going to the beach or just being you!”


Kelsey Rose

perfect figure

Kelsey is wearing the Parfait Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra P5351 & Parfait Sandrine Hipster P5355 in Black


“I’ve always been a creative type. So I started modeling at 17 years old and modeling became a great outlet for my creativity. In the future I’d like to create something that will make an impact on people!”


What having a #perfectfigure means to Kelsey:

“To be a perfect figure means to love yourself for who you are, embrace every little thing about yourself, and to be happy to be you. Just being a part of this campaign, I feel like I’m making a difference. It’s an honor to get the word out there and show people that no matter what you look like or how were born, you should always embrace it!” – Kelsey


Tatiana A. Lee

perfect figure

Tatiana is wearing the Parfait Estelle Balconet Bra P52312 & Parfait Estelle Hipster P5235 in Black


“Originally from Coatesville, PA, I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. I loved fashion and beauty growing up but I didn’t see anyone with a disability in TV & magazines that I could look up to. So, I decided to become my own hero!”


On being curvy:

“I love being curvy. I inherited it from my mother and my grandmother, both very beautifully shaped women. Why not embrace your natural swag?”


What having a #perfectfigure means to Tatiana:

“As long as you fully accept and love the skin you’re in, you will ALWAYS be YOUR Perfect Figure.”


Gloria Mamurov

perfect figure

Gloria is wearing the Parfait Elissa Contour Underwire Strapless Bra P5011 & Parfait Elissa Bikini P5013 in Black


Moroccan-Swedish mama of four juggling commercial modeling, acting, and a health/beauty/fashion blog – all while leading a healthy vegan lifestyle. Stylist & Creative Director for Mgem Art & Production, a photography and videography studio serving the fashion, beauty and art industries. (My husband is the Photographer & CEO!) There’s always time for making everything happen as long as you love it. My greatest passion is to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle!


On having stretch marks:

“I call them proud marks. I grew humans and whatever that did to my body, I’m completely OK with.” 


What having a #perfectfigure means to Gloria:

“Having a “perfect figure” means eating what you want, being healthy, and being strong. No matter your size, body type or ability, everyone has their own perfect figure.”

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