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what are boudoir photos

Perhaps you’ve heard a girlfriend nervously talking about getting one or stumbled across some racy photos online in a photographer’s portfolio. Boudoir photo shoots have become increasingly common in recent years — and for whatever reason, the idea has piqued your interest. Now you’re wondering: Exactly what is a boudoir photo shoot, and what does it entail?

Without further ado, we’ll dive right into all the details you need to know before booking one of these sensual shoots yourself.

What are boudoir photos?

The French word “boudoir” refers to a woman’s bedroom or private dressing room. So, as the name suggests, these photo shoots feature a woman wearing some form of lingerie in an intimate setting, whether it’s their very own bedroom or else a studio that is set up to look like a bedroom or dressing room.

What do I wear?

Don’t fret, nudity is not required for these shoots — in fact, it’s rare, as the idea of this French boudoir mystique is to leave a little something to the imagination. The level of clothing is entirely up to you, of course. Some women may opt for a demi-cup bra and a pair of hipsters, while some might go bra-less with an artful pose in which their breasts are covered. Others might go a more demure route with a babydoll or even a silky robe over some bikini panties. Most photographers offer multiple packages that allow for a varying number of outfit changes.

What’s the right occasion to get one?

More and more brides are seeking out boudoir photo shoots and with good reason. The photos from these sessions make for a sultry surprise as a wedding gift for the husband-to-be. They’re also a popular choice for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day present.

Guess what? You don’t really need a reason to do a boudoir photo shoot, and you certainly don’t need to do one for someone else. Maybe you’re feeling more comfortable in your own skin than ever before, and want to capture that inner goddess and remember her forever. We can’t think of a better way to feel empowered than by stripping down to some luxe lingerie, posing and documenting how you look when you feel your sexiest.

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boudoir photos definition

How do I go about booking one?

If you’re considering a boudoir photo shoot, be sure to do a ton of research on local photographers. You definitely want to choose a photographer who specializes in boudoir-style shoots, as they demand special considerations. Take the time to scan through their portfolios to get a sense of their style, paying attention to the lighting, poses, angles, etc. they use. You should definitely book a consultation if possible to meet the photographer in person as well as see their studio. After all, you’re going to be taking your clothes off in front of this person — so you might as well gauge how comfortable you feel with them. The right photographer will establish an environment that’s super relaxed and supportive.

What else do I need to know?

Some boudoir photographers offer professional makeup and/or hair as an add-on service. Unless you feel immensely confident about your own skills (or have a friend that you trust), using the in-house glam squad can be well worth it. The fact is that there are unique considerations that must be made in regards to makeup when you’re getting photographed to ensure your skin looks flawless and your features are expertly defined.

As far as poses go, rest assured that a seasoned boudoir photographer will no doubt have an arsenal of ideas to suggest throughout the shoot. Still, it’s a good idea to try a few out in front of a mirror at home to see what feels natural as well as shows off your body, style and personality best.

All in all, a boudoir photo shoot serves as a memorable gift for your significant other or for yourself. The most important thing to remember is to have fun — believe us, it’ll show through in the final images, and nothing is sexier than a confident woman enjoying herself.

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what is a boudoir photo shoot

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