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size inclusive definition

These days, the word “inclusive” gets thrown around a lot, from workplace seminars to workouts to advertising. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “inclusive” means: “including all the services or items normally expected or required.” Which may initially sound like gibberish but works perfectly when talking about body positivity and being size inclusive.

It can be difficult to love your body when the media is telling you that you shouldn’t. Magazine covers tell us to lose weight, drop dress sizes, and diet. And I’m sure most of us have experienced a clothes shopping nightmare where our size isn’t even recognized by the store (or the sizes are wacky and store specific so you have no idea what size to try on). Dressing rooms are already daunting with their harsh, unforgiving lighting, but too tight clothes or ones that sag in weird places are disheartening to say the least. That’s where size inclusive shopping comes in.

What does size inclusive mean?

Size inclusive means that, no matter how you look – short, tall, big, small, athletic, curvy, flat, plus size – you will not be discriminated against based on your size. When it comes to clothes, it means a brand is trying to cover as many different sizes as possible, and doesn’t just cater to one figure. That means no body shaming. Or only having “cute” designs in the petite sizes. Or only carrying the supposed “average size” (which makes bra shopping an absolute nightmare).

Why is size inclusive important?

Size inclusive means that my short, gorgeously curvy friend and I can shop in the same place, and both of us will have options and a positive shopping experience. Body positivity starts with each individual person learning to love the body they are in, but it definitely helps if the clothes that are available make them feel comfortable, sexy, athletic, etc. (and not claustrophobic, uncomfortable, or like they’re wearing a tent).

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size inclusive meaning

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Why being size inclusive is important to us

Whichever side of the size spectrum you are on, whenever you walk into a store, or open up your browser, you should feel like you are being welcomed, accepted, and will find clothes that fit you and make you feel good. And while most of us struggle to find the right size in store, never mind online, most of these stores have virtual assistants and great sizing charts with each outfit, so you can feel good about your purchase.

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How are you learning to love your body, and how do you prefer to shop for your clothes? Let us know!

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