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When you’re buying a present for a lingerie shower, you typically have a registry to work with that makes your task easier — one that might be filled with kitchen appliances, dish sets, decor, bedding, and bath items. But as for a lingerie shower — that presents a whole different challenge. Some brides will actually provide a registry with a wishlist of particular underpinnings they want from certain brands. However, that’s not always the case. If you’re wondering where to shop for a lingerie shower, you’re not alone. Luckily, you have lots of options to choose from.

There are three main location types to consider: department stores, online stores, and independent boutiques. The advantage that department stores and online stores have is that they typically boast a much larger inventory, and therefore, a greater variety of lingerie to choose from. Not only will they carry a wider range of brands, but they’ll also just have more products within those lines. So if you want to have lots of options, either an online store or a department store may be your best bet. On the other hand, small lingerie boutiques are a great option for different reasons. These shops tend to carry hard-to-find brands, which means you’re potentially more likely to find a unique shower gift that stands out. Also, you may be likely to get more one-on-one attention from staff at a small boutique, which can make for a more personalized shopping experience.

Not sure where to shop? Here are our top 4 picks for finding that perfect lingerie shower gift.


When it comes to lingerie, Nordstrom has a truly impressive collection. Not only does the store carry high-quality brands, but it also has notoriously helpful staff (why not get one of their famous bra fittings while you’re there?). Bras, panties, bodysuits — Nordstrom basically has it all. They even have a selection of bridal lingerie that includes stunning teddies, robes, chemises and more. If you see something you like online but want to pick it up in person, you can even do a search to see which local stores have it.

Lord & Taylor

While we’re on the subject of department stores, don’t overlook Lord & Taylor. Their intimates shop spans bras, panties, and more — and like Nordstrom, they also have a bridal lingerie category, which includes bralettes, babydolls, and bodysuits, among other products. If you’re shopping online and need some advice, you can live chat with a stylist or personal shopper, who might be able to give you some guidance on sizing, fit, etc. As with Nordstrom, you can either ship the gift directly to you or pick it up at your local Lord & Taylor store.

Neiman Marcus

Perhaps one of the key benefits to shopping at Neiman Marcus online is how easy it is to find precisely what you’re looking for. Once you’re in the Lingerie & Shapewear category you can filter by such categories as bras, bodysuits, panties, accessories, and garter belts, among other options. You can also filter by size, color, price, and even occasion. The wedding category is chock-full of jaw-dropping, elegant intimates for her big day, her honeymoon, and beyond. If there’s a Neiman Marcus near you, you can check to see whether the items you want to buy are available at your local location as well.

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There’s a reason why HerRoom is such a popular site — it’s completely dedicated to lingerie, and since the store specializes in underthings, you know the selection will be nothing short of breathtaking. Be sure to check out the sexy lingerie category, which features bras, panties, hosiery, garters, sleepwear, and more, all of which can be filtered by size, color, brand, and even “lifestyle” (contemporary, luxury, etc.). Additionally, under the feature filter, you can select “bridal” to view pieces and sets that are specifically geared toward your recipient.

Your Local Lingerie Boutique

It’s hard to beat your local boutique when it comes to finding some lingerie that will make the bride feel special. Plus, if you know a local shop that the bride loves to shop at, the staff might have her shopping history saved, and therefore be able to make suggestions that are more tailored to her tastes. Don’t hesitate to let the sales associate know that you’re shopping for a bridal shower — with some info about the bride’s size and personal style, she may be able to make some stellar recommendations. And of course, don’t forget to ask for a gift receipt just in case something doesn’t fit.

Pro tips

Hopefully, the invitation to the shower will provide info about her sizes. However, if it doesn’t, consider touching base with the maid-of-honor or the groom to find out what bra and panty size she wears — that way, you can ensure your gift is more likely to fit flawlessly. And as a result, you’ll lessen the likelihood that she’ll have to return your gift, which could be a hassle. Also, you may want to check in with the bridesmaids to make sure you don’t accidentally purchase the same gift. Most of all, try to have fun. Shopping for a lingerie shower gift should be an enjoyable experience — after all, you’re hunting down some pretty underpinnings that will give the bride joy for years to come!

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