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lingerie shower gifts

So, you’ve been invited to a lingerie shower. These types of specialized showers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and serve as a spectacular opportunity to arm the bride with some stunning new underpinnings for her wedding night, honeymoon, and beyond. But what should you buy? Of course, you could play it safe with a flattering bra and panty set, but if you don’t have a strong grasp on the bride’s personal style and preferences, that could be risky.

If you’re looking for a lingerie shower gift that the bride will gush over, consider these creative options.

Parfait Panty

There’s no denying that every woman can always use a few more pairs of panties. Having more in her arsenal allows her to push off doing laundry for a few extra days, and besides, having more options to choose from means she’ll have a panty style for every mood and occasion. Rather than purchasing an elaborate lingerie ensemble, consider picking up 4-7 pairs of panties in different colors. Then, to present them in a playful and aesthetically pleasing way, layer them in a mason jar to create a panty parfait. The unusual packaging is bound to stand out amidst simple boxes. Ideally, you’ll want to incorporate some variety – so consider including at least one bikinithongboyshort, and hipster (unless, of course, you know the bride prefers a specific style).

Bottle of bubbly duo

Who says you have to give the bride lingerie? There are plenty of gift options other than unmentionables that still fit the theme. Start with an assortment of her favorite scented bath bombs or a fancy bottle of a luxe bubble bath. Then, accompany that gift with an actual bottle of bubbly for the bride to enjoy with her groom while soaking in a relaxing bath. It’s a gift duo that’s both sultry and sweet, and it’s sure to come in handy on a romantic date night in.

Chic lingerie essentials

If you’re more of a practical gal (and you know the bride is, too) then opt for some lingerie storage essentials that she can use to keep her underthings organized and in tip-top condition. For example, a lingerie bag is super useful for separating her bras and panties in the washing machine and protecting them from damage. A special bra hanger can also be helpful for storing bras if she doesn’t have the space to keep them all in a drawer. Why not include a travel bag for her lingerie as well, which she can even use on her upcoming honeymoon? A special compartmentalized cube for her bras and panties will allow her to keep those delicates separate from other garments, thus preventing them from getting squashed while traveling. Don’t forget to throw in some scented sachets to make her lingerie drawer smell heavenly.

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Luxe loungewear

If the bride isn’t your bestie or you don’t really feel confident about picking out lingerie that will line up with her personal style, you can always opt for loungewear instead. A silky robe or PJ set can be equally sexy, and is also immensely practical – after all, there may be times on the bride’s honeymoon and beyond when she simply wants to lounge around in something comfy.

Gift card to a favorite place

If the bride didn’t provide a registry with specific lingerie pieces she wants, you may feel hesitant to pick out pieces for her. After all, what if she doesn’t like what you chose, or it doesn’t fit quite right? A gift card is an excellent option. All you have to do is ask the maid of honor or her hubby-to-be what her favorite store(s) are, whether it’s a department store or lingerie boutique. Offering her a gift card is a less risky move because you’re allowing her to shop for unmentionables that she totally loves.

Mood-boosting extras

There’s no denying that a lingerie shower has an inherent theme of seduction. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to buy the bride lingerie in order to adhere to that theme. Consider giving her a gift bag filled with some goodies that will help her and her future spouse get in the mood — like some massage oils, decadent chocolate truffles, or sensual scented candles. These are precisely the kind of fun extras that the bride and groom are unlikely to buy for themselves, but they’ll definitely appreciate during and after the honeymoon.

There are so many unexpected gift options for lingerie showers that go beyond bras and panties. If you’re looking for something that’s useful yet unusual, consider any of these out-of-the-ordinary presents.

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lingerie shower gift ideas

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