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the authentic you main - The Authentic YOU

This week ‘authenticity’ seems to be popping up everywhere for me! Oracle cards, essential oils, and my journaling for a start – the universe is making sure I am honouring myself!

I feel like we have so many expectations and pressures about the way we should act, what we should wear, how we should live etc.  These expectations may come from our family, society in general or even us thanks to the lifetime of stories we have subjected ourselves to!

Over the years we start to conform or tame ourselves in a way that we deem suitable for our environment and before we know it we are loading a minimalist monochrome planner for 2017 into our shopping cart rather than an eclectic illustrated one that our inner goddess was actually drawn to – don’t worry, I put it back and got the coloured one!

Maybe you are really great at something or have an amazing message to share but play it down, thanks to self-doubt or fear of what others may think.

Or on the flipside you could be pretty average (or even really shit, let’s be honest) at something even though you love it, so you avoid it in order to dodge the judgement or criticism that comes with it.  I’m sure my colleagues wish I avoided singing at work sometimes!

In all seriousness though, we get so caught up in people pleasing and worrying about other people’s opinions of us that we fear being vulnerable and letting our authentic selves be revealed.


As we grow and experience life, we take on layers of ‘stuff’.

Criticism, shame, poor choices, heartbreak, guilt, the list goes on!  Each layer suffocates our authentic selves, but slowly and surely you can choose to peel away those layers and reconnect with that beautiful honest person that lies within.

When we finally decide to do this by embracing our true selves and letting our authenticity shine, beautiful things start to happen!

You will start to live in alignment with your values and live your life purposefully.

You will start to listen to your heart, trust your intuition and see that you already had the answers you were seeking within yourself.

You will attract people into your life that bring you true joy and connection.

Your courage will soar and you will do things you once forgot were possible.

Ultimately you will make decisions from a place of love instead of fear.

Reconnect.  Look within.  Speak your truth.  Go after the things you want and live your life with purpose and freedom.

You are amazing and you have something beautiful to offer the world.

Go ahead and let your authenticity shine gorgeous – be unapologetically you!

What is holding you back from being your beautiful self?

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Published by

Krystal Gordon

Krystal Gordon, creator of self-care program Love Nourish Be and global ambassador for the Body Image Movement, is extremely passionate about empowering women to be their most amazing, authentic selves using an honest, holistic and heart-centred approach to wellness. After a lifetime of being at war with her body, this busy Mama transformed her life (and health) through self-love, acceptance and vulnerability, and along the way discovered her true purpose of inspiring other women to do the same.

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