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This may seem easy to some, but to others letting your freak flag fly is not something that comes naturally. Maybe you’re afraid of judgement. Or appearing odd. Or even of losing friends. But if you aren’t living your life as your most authentic self, then you’re missing out. And being authentic means not hiding who you are, even if you think that your habits or your hobbies aren’t the norm. Here’s why you should embrace the true you: 

Normal is boring

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So you’re weird. Or maybe your hobbies are. But that collection of antique dolls or old books makes you far more interesting than the person next to you. And people would rather talk to someone that has interests, knows what they want, and can enjoy life. Because normal is so boring.

There’s only one you

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Why would you want to hide who you are, when in reality, the real you is incredible? Let people get to know your quirks and oddities, and you’ll find they’ll grow to love them (and you) all the more for them. Hiding is just depriving the world of more sparkle.

Life is short

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So why spend time not being you? Pretending to be someone else is tiring and dull. Embracing yourself will help you embrace life.

Seek common interests

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There are others out there just like you, but how are you going to find other weird and wonderful people if you don’t show them who you are? If one of you doesn’t have the courage, then you’ll have trouble finding each other, and that would rob you of some really cool adventures together.

Confidence is key

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It’s also sexy, and exciting, and the key to happiness. If you aren’t confident in your own skin, then it’s really hard to be happy. Confidence attracts people, so be yourself and be amazed at how many people start to open up to you.

Being you is the best

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If you’re constantly trying to change or hide who you are, then you’ll never really be happy, and others will struggle to be happy around you too. Think about it: someone who constantly complains about themselves is really hard to have a conversation with. When you start loving yourself, it shows. Loving and embracing the real you will lead to others loving and embracing you too.

Not everyone will understand your quirks, but the great thing is they don’t have to. They just have to go on loving you for you. And if they don’t, that’s their loss, not yours. So embrace your weird and beautiful self, because this is your time to shine.

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What makes you wonderfully weird? Share with us in the comments below!

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