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Sit down and think for a minute — how many women do you know that are plus-sized? Are you plus-sized? According to recent statistics, the answers are likely to be: a) many and b) yes. As of last year, 68% of women in the US now wear a size 14 or above, which puts them firmly in the plus-size fashion category.

If plus is the new normal, what does this mean for the fashion industry? As the customer base shifts into a large size range, fashion designers will have to learn how to work with new body types and how to appeal to a new (and discerning) set of customers.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the recent shifts in the fashion industry and how this new normal is being incorporated into our shopping experiences.

1.  The Growing Popularity of Size Free Stores

Companies haven’t shifted the way they talk about sizing, but what many companies are talking about is developing size free stores. In this new type of brick and mortar store customers could shop every piece in a wide size range, so two friends who are a size 2 and a size 28 could walk out with the same dress. This erasure of sizing when it comes to plus-sizes has had some pushback, but many stores are doubling down on this model as the way forward.

2.  More Luxury Options for Larger Sizes

The launch of 11 Honore changed the landscape of luxury plus size options several years ago. Their proven sales record and clout have allowed them to help and encourage more luxury designers to participate in the website. While not everyone can afford the pieces on offer, it’s good to see high-quality pieces off the runway being made available in larger sizes.

3.  An Amplified Voice for Plus-Size Influencers

Larger fashion bloggers used to be rare, but now they’ve gone mainstream and wield a huge influence over what people buy and wear. This helps companies see what consumers want and create trendier pieces that reflect the desires of the plus-size community.

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what is plus size bra

Marion Unlined Wire Bra | Marion Hipster in Tango Red

4.  Better Designer Collaborations

The last two years have produced some heavenly designer collaborations from people like Rodarte and Jason Wu for plus-sizes. While we used to have to compete to pick up the designer leftovers from Target collaborations, plus-size fashion lines have come into their own and are attracting seriously desirable designers.

5.  A Treasure Trove of Influencer Collaborations

Influencers are generally great representatives for their community, so it’s encouraging to see both small and large brands designing so many collections in collaboration with them. You can now find your favorite influencer working on the designs of everything from lingerie to evening wear! Many influencers have also started their own fashion likes, like Premme.

Final considerations

As larger sizes become the new normal, options for great plus-size clothing and lingerie have improved dramatically. While there is much work to be done, there’s now more space than ever to advocate for what you want and to vote with your money by purchasing pieces that speak to you. What do you think has changed in the plus-size market in the last few years? Did anything in this article surprise you? If so, make sure to share it with your friends!

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Marion Unlined Wire Bra | Marion Hipster in Tango Red

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Happy bra shopping!

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Marion Unlined Wire Bra | Marion Hipster in Tango Red
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