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20161104 IMG 0800 - In Defense of Granny Panties and Why We Stand With Sam Armytage

Today, I read a story on Mashable about Sunrise co-host Sam Armytage, a woman who was unfortunately criticized, bullied, and subjected to public ridicule for wearing “granny panties” while out running errands. The Daily Mail AU published the incredibly intrusive “story” and featured creepy, unflattering images of Sam. At first, I was shocked and then appalled that any news outlet would think it acceptable to publish such demeaning “news”. It’s repulsive and I hope The Daily Mail AU and anyone who criticized Sam learned a very valuable lesson.

Fortunately, there are good people out there and many of them took to Twitter to defend Sam. The Daily Mail AU is now being heralded as “pathetic”, there is talk of a possible defamation lawsuit, and countless news outlets around the world are reporting on The Daily Mail AU’s poor taste (as they should). No one deserves to be degraded or bullied. We stand with Sam.

Must we remind them that it’s 2016? Women are empowered and we know it. We know we have every right to choose what we want to wear and that includes our underwear. As women, we’ve been subjected to comments on our bodies for far too long. Those negative and hurtful comments need to stop. I know I speak for women everywhere when I state that we won’t stand for cyberbullying or any kind of bullying anymore. Enough is enough.

In Defense of Granny Panties and Why We Stand With Sam Armytage

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