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how to transition summer wardrobe into fall

As the leaves start turning brilliant shades of yellow and red and that crisp feeling enters the air, it is time to pull out the sweaters and store the shorts. For me, the fall is always the coziest time of year; a time when you can still enjoy beautiful weather yet can don a warm scarf or snuggle into blankets on the couch during a chilly evening. But, how can you transition your wardrobe to fall when the weather has a split personality: hot mid-day and chilly commutes? I suggest taking a gradual approach — just like the slow change of the seasons — with a few simple steps to get your wardrobe ready. So, set aside an hour or two this weekend to prepare your wardrobe for the coming fall weather.

Sort and pack things away

To make extra space in your closet and help you put together fall outfits, I suggest taking an hour or two to pull out clothing that isn’t appropriate for the current weather. For where I live, that means packing away shorts, thin dresses, and rompers. I pack these summer clothes away in an under-the-bed container to keep them fresh for next year. But, I keep tank tops as layering pieces in my closet for now. Cropped pants and skirts are still appropriate for the fall too, especially with added layers like tights. I also sort through sweaters and jackets and put ones I want to wear frequently out in the front of my closet.

Create a wish-list

As you go through your clothing, you might notice things that you’d like to add to your wardrobe for the season and items that need replacing. Jotting down what you notice can help you shop more mindfully and not get caught-up by super sales, helping you to save money and buy quality items that fit with your wardrobe and style ( Armed with this wish-list, you can enjoy crisp fall days visiting local shops or evenings curled up with tea while shopping online.

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transition summer to fall wardrobe

Mix and match

Some style websites suggest that you pull out all of your summer clothes and replace them with fall clothes at the same time. But I prefer to take a bit of a slower, more lax process. As I mentioned above, I keep tank tops and t-shirts in my fall wardrobe to accommodate for the occasional hot day and to act as layering pieces with sweaters and jackets. Mixing and matching my favorite summer and fall pieces together is a great way to avoid the dreaded feeling of I have nothing to wear! Later, as the days get colder, I pull out most of the tank tops in my wardrobe to leave more space for bulkier sweaters and pants in my closet.

Wrap yourself in layers

Maybe you aren’t ready to let go of the summer quite yet. That’s okay! To beat chilly morning and evening commutes, be prepared with a warm layer, like a blazer, sweater, or cardigan, to throw atop your work or weekend outfit. A large scarf is another great add-on for colder days.

Keep your legs warm with tights

Tights in a variety of colors, weights, and patterns are perhaps my favorite way to take a look from summer into fall. Continue wearing your favorite wide leg cropped pants with a light weight pair of stockings and healed booties. Or, take your lighter dresses from hot summer days to cool nights with a wooly pair of tights in a complimentary color or fun pattern. And even better, tights don’t take up much closet space at all, helping out fashion lovers with small closets (like me)!

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