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How to Plan A Romantic Date Night At Home

Holiday dates with your significant other are romantic. The weather is colder, so you’re more likely to snuggle up together. And, the season itself puts some extra magic in the air.  My husband and I have two festive dates each holiday season. One of the dates involves going to a holiday-themed play, musical or attraction. And, the other one is a simple, but festive date night in.

I love date nights at home because they can be more flirtatious than the average date. But, I especially love our holiday date night in. And again, it comes down to the fact that it feels more magical.

Here’s everything you’ll need for a festive date night in:


The first step in creating the perfect, festive date night in is to set the tone. Start with your music selection to set the tone for the evening. From holiday jams to R&B, there’s no right or wrong music choice. I like having a few different playlists on hand as the evening moves along.


Romantic lighting is the next thing you’ll need when setting the tone for your date night in. Turning all the overhead lights on in your home can provide bright, harsh lighting. I suggest using various lamps or lights that can be dimmed. Although you may spend much of your date in the kitchen or living area, it’s nice to keep other rooms dimly lit, too. This makes the entire home feel a little more inviting and inclusive to your date.

I also love incorporating lots of candles into my date night in. The candlelight is soft and flattering, and the candle’s scent offers for a warm aroma. (Bonus points if you have a holiday- or winter-scented candle.) I put at least one candle in all rooms, adding a few extra to larger rooms.


No party – including a party for two – is complete without snacks and refreshments. I recommend having light finger foods for your date night in. Finger foods allow you to eat at your leisure throughout the night. And, lighter choices ensure you don’t get bloated or overly stuffed. I made meatballs, a cheese tray, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and shrimp cocktail for last year’s holiday date night. You’ll also want to have plenty of drinks on hand – whether that’s iced tea or holiday cocktails.

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I mentioned that as date night at home can be more flirtatious than other dates. That’s because you get to tease your S.O. with your lingerie for the entire date!

Red, black or burgundy are always great lingerie color choices for the holidays. And from lingerie sets and babydolls, to silky pajama sets and lacy bustiers, all lingerie styles go.


Consider what you’d like you and your significant other to do during your date. If you want to stick to the holiday theme, you could watch a holiday movie, make a gingerbread house or do a festive puzzle. If you don’t care if the activity is holiday-themed, perhaps you play cards or a romantic game for two.

It’s not a bad idea to plan for more than one activity. This ensures there are options for whatever mood you’re both in. I suggest placing any activity items where both of you will see them, like by the fireplace or on the coffee table. This way, either of you can suggest an idea.


A date night in doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself and primp beforehand. Take time to do the things that will make you feel beautiful. I like fixing my hair as usual, but I tend to do my makeup differently for date nights in. I’ll go light on the makeup, only applying mascara, lip color and bronzer and filling in my eyebrows.

And, don’t forget to moisturize! Smooth skin will make you feel confident regardless of how much skin you’re showing.

A date night in is a perfect way to celebrate the season with your loved one. Any holiday lights or décor you have around the house help to carry out the holiday theme. So, why not grab your holiday lingerie and throw a festive party for two?


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