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body positivity

Question time: Do you adore your body in all its beautiful glory? Or, like many women, are you not even sure how to love your breasts? Self-confidence doesn’t come from the compliments other people give you. It comes from within yourself.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can start giving your breasts some extra loving. 

1.  Regularly examine your breasts

You need to check your boobs for lumps and bumps. Breast cancer is a growing problem, which is why it’s always smart to check for telltale signs. One in eight women will develop this illness during their lifetime, according to the Breast Cancer Organization. While that statistic is troubling, it’s important that you understand that the condition is treatable when caught as easily as possible. Give yourself a breast exam at home as often as possible. 

2.  Make bra fittings a priority

When was the last time you got a professional bra fitting? If you’re wearing the wrong size right now, it could have a seriously negative impact on your self-esteem. Taking the time to book an appointment and see an expert is all it takes to make sure that you get this simple little thing right. Don’t worry if this is a new area for you. Getting a fitting doesn’t have to be intimidating. The professional fitter will help to guide you through the process. 

3.  Remind yourself that all breasts are different

Many women find that they worry about the way in which their breasts look. You may have one boob which is smaller than the other, for example. However, it’s important that you remind yourself that all breasts are different and unique. Your boobs are not likely to be the same as your friends’ or anybody else that you know. And, do you know what? That’s perfectly okay. We should celebrate our individuality rather than chastising ourselves for it. After all, it’s these small differences that make us who we are. 

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4.  Stop engaging in negative self-talk

Are you guilty of negative self-talk? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. All too many of us engage in this nasty habit on a daily basis. If you find yourself thinking or even saying upsetting and hurtful things about yourself and your body, it’s time to kick the habit. Take a step back. Would you say these things about a friend or loved one? The fact of the matter is that we can often be our own worst critics. When you notice this problem creeping up on you, stop for a minute, and rethink your words. 

5.  Boost your body positive habits

Here at Parfait Lingerie, we’re all about body positivity! With that in mind, setting yourself some #BoPo goals could be a great way to boost your confidence levels. When you’re wondering how to love your boobs, this is a trick that you should never overlook. Include some healthy habits in your daily routine. 

For example, you could repeat positive mantras to yourself, start dressing the way you want to be seen, or even just remind yourself how wonderful you are. When you dedicate yourself to this task, you will quickly notice that it makes a rather major difference to how you feel. Give it a go! 

6.  Give your breasts some respect

Finally, there’s one seriously important thing that you have to remember. Your breasts deserve respect. When you think negative things about them or forget how to love your boobs, it has a terrible impact on your life. That is not okay. Every single inch of your body is a glorious creation and you should never forget that fact. Now and then, take the time to remind yourself of this point and remember to respect yourself the way you would others. 

Are you ready to start a whole new chapter in your life? Learning how to love your boobs happens one step at a time. Try some of these small and easy things today and see whether they help you along the way. Your breasts deserve some love and respect. What’s more, you should be the one to give it them. Go ahead – adore yourself unashamedly. 

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Happy bra shopping!

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