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how to find happiness

Your excitement or happiness can plummet from someone else’s negative comments or interjections. And, let’s face it – it never feels good to have someone rain on your parade. It knocks you down. It makes what seemed shiny suddenly seem lackluster.

But what if you were also chipping away at your own happiness? You have more power than anyone else to contribute to or steal your own happiness.

Here are five ways you could be stealing your own happiness:

Comparing yourself to others

A little comparison can be good to keep you self-aware. However, comparing yourself too harshly to others will slowly chip away at your happiness. Many times, people put out an image that is not necessarily true or realistic. So, you could be comparing yourself to something that isn’t real. Don’t compare your yourself, your relationships or your life to someone else’s. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Focus on your life and all the good you have in it.

Thinking negatively about yourself

Having negative thoughts about yourself lowers your self-confidence. And, if you aren’t truly confident in yourself, you can’t be truly happy. When you start to think you aren’t good enough, slap that thought out of your mind. You are amazing, talented, beautiful and special in your unique way. Have positive thoughts about yourself – and believe them – and you’ll be happier.

Dwelling on the negatives

Just as thinking negatively about yourself will bring you down, dwelling on the negatives will too. Only thinking about the negative side of a situation will never help the situation. And, having a negative outlook in general makes it so hard to ever see the positives. If you can’t see the positives in life, you’re taking away your own happiness. Think positive thoughts only.

Eating unhealthily

What you eat affects the way you feel. Making one unhealthy food choice after another can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. If you regularly eat unhealthily, those feelings can become the norm. Trust me, bloat and lethargy won’t make you feel good about yourself. When you choose healthier options, you’ll feel lighter and have more energy. And when you feel good, you’re happier.

Obsessing over other people’s actions

You can’t control someone else’s actions regardless of how much you obsess over them. You can, however, control your own actions. Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about someone else’s poor behavior – it will only eat away at your happiness. Focus on yourself, and when someone acts out, show them love. After all, with all the happiness you have in your heart, it will be hard to show them anything but love.

We are all on the pursuit for happiness – true happiness. And, we must do what we can to preserve it. Making an effort to build yourself up, as well as others, will help you be a happy version of you. Because when you’re truly happy, there’s not much that can it away.


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Lauren Hamilton

Lauren Hamilton is the founder of, a lifestyle and relationship blog offering relationship advice and encouraging women to be the happiest, most confident version of themselves through positivity and self-love. She's also a freelance writer and communications strategist. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter, and check out some of her accomplishments on her portfolio.

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