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While you may be well-versed in which bra size you need to wear, a lot of women out there are not. If you notice that your best friend is wearing the wrong size or looks uncomfortable in her lingerie, should you say something? The answer is yes. But you need to find the right way to say it! Here’s what you should do next: 

Think about how she will take it

Everyone has their own unique personality. The chances are, you know your friend’s better than most people. With that in mind, you should be able to figure out the best way to talk to her about this issue. Is she an open person who says it how she sees it? If so, she may well respect the same candid conversation from those around her. Is she the type who embarrasses easily and finds it hard to talk about certain things? In that case, you may need to be a little more sensitive to her feelings.

You’re not trying to hurt or shame your friend here. You’re trying to have her back. You want her to own her body and feel confident in her lingerie. Going at the subject from that angle is the best course of action. Remember, it’s about helping your bestie be comfortable and happy with her body. Plain and simple.

Make sure that you’re alone

It should go without saying, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway. You should be sure to have this conversation when you’re alone. Whether she’s shy or otherwise, talking about her body in front of other people is none of your business. It’s not okay. Instead, choose a time when you’re both alone and completely relaxed. For instance, when you head to hers for an evening of wine and chats, it may be a good time to raise the issue. She will feel secure in her own home and won’t feel as though you’re attacking her personally.

Be direct and to the point

When you’re ready to talk to your friend about it, avoid getting off track and chatting about other, seemingly related things. For example, you may start talking about bras and end up discussing clothes and the like. While these are pretty interesting topics, they may not be all that helpful. Aim to be direct and to the point.

Get what you’re trying to say out there. Be direct. Ask her how often she gets fitted and whether she’s been fitted recently. When she answers, you can say that you think she may need to go again since you think the fit could be better. Just start the facts and don’t get personal about her appearance, size, or shape. Keep the topic of conversation on finding the right bra size; nothing else.

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But also be polite and listen

If you word this well, your friend won’t be offended in the least bit. You can let her know that you think she’s wonderful and beautiful, but that the fitting she has right now could be better. Explain why you believe this. You may say that a better-fitting bra would give her more support or that she will feel more comfortable. Both of these things are true. Listing the benefits of wearing a decent bra that fits well will help her understand where you’re coming from and drive home the point that you want the best for her.

Say that you find it confusing too

Everyone finds the world of bra sizes confusing and many women don’t even know how regularly they have to get fitted. What you don’t want to do here is make your friend feel alienated or, worse, stupid for wearing the wrong size. We’ve all been there! Let her know that. Tell her about a time when you feel you were wearing the wrong size and then stress how much better you felt when you got fitted and found just the right one. Once your bestie sees that loads of women get confused when it comes to this topic, she will understand that it’s no big deal. What’s more, it can be oh-so-easily sorted.

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Offer to go along with her

If it’s been a long time since your friend has been for a bra fitting, she may well feel a little intimidated by the whole thing. Reassure her that there is absolutely nothing to worry about here. You could even offer to go along with her and have a fitting at the same time. Turn this into a fun shopping experience and something that you can do together. After all, if you can’t go lingerie shopping with your best friend in the world, who on earth can you go with? See what she thinks and go ahead and book an appointment.

Go bra shopping together

Remember that this is supposed to be an enjoyable thing! After you’ve both got fitted, why not browse different styles together. Be open and explain what style of bra you think will suit her and explain why that is. When you start really talking about this and supporting one another, you should find bra shopping really fun. Encourage your friend to practice self-love and treat herself to lingerie items that do her justice!

If you think that your friend is wearing the wrong bra size, raising the topic doesn’t have to be awkward at all. When you figure out how to speak to her about this and use the advice above, it should be super easy! Don’t be afraid; just be direct and polite. Easy!

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