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It’s a common scenario. You get into your sports gear. You’re feeling awesome. You head to the mirror to tie back your hair… and then you see it. Your breasts are no longer too defined entities, but one solid structure. It’s happened. You’ve got a case of the uniboob. How on earth did that happen? Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t panic – it happens to us all!

The first thing to remember here is that you mustn’t panic. Uniboob may sound like the end of the world, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not the massive deal that you think it is. When you realize that there’s a problem, sorting it out can be much easier than you might imagine.

All you need to do is make sure that you approach it in a logical manner. Don’t be ashamed of it! We’ve all been there. No, seriously. Every lady out there who has a large bust has had a case of uniboob. Relax.

Understand what causes the problem

So, what causes uniboob? Well, most of the time, women find that they have this issue when wearing a sports bra. These pieces of lingerie are made to keep your breasts secure and supported. However, at times, that can mean that they lack the structure that you get from other bras.

Women will smaller breasts may be able to get away with having an unstructured sports bra, but the rest of us can’t. Finding a piece of lingerie that is right for your particular shape and size is key here.

Make sure you have the right measurements

When was the last time that you got measured? When buying a sports bra, you might think that you can just go off the measurements you already have. While that might work in some cases, you can’t count on it. Simply heading to a boutique store and getting measured once again could save you a whole load of trouble.

It’s a small price to pay for getting things right the first time around. The issue is that – when you don’t know your size – the bras you choose won’t support you. And yes, you could end up with uniboob. Nobody needs that.

Choose a sports bra with separate cups

Ready to choose a sports bra that gives you support and doesn’t cause uniboob? There are a few little tips that you should know before you get started. Opting for a bra that has separate cups (rather than just one piece of material) could be the answer to your woes.

You should also look for a sports bra that has some solid structuring, such as underwire. These features will help to ensure breast separation so that you end up with a chic and sculpted shape. Be certain to choose lingerie that is high-quality and will last.

what is a uniboob

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Ensure that you are 100% comfortable

Your comfort should always be your top priority. Having your breast squeezed together so that they look like one entity is never going to feel right. You know that. When you’re trying on bras, you need to make sure that they feel cozy and that you are supported.

There’s a whole wealth of lingerie out there, and so it may be worth spending a little time looking for a bra that you know will be perfect for you. Simple.

Adjust, adjust, and then adjust some more!

Once you’ve got the bra, the job is by no means done. All the straps and clasps are there for a reason – so that you can adjust the piece to fit your needs. Don’t just pull the bra on and hope for the best. That’s a mistake. Instead, you need to spend a little time adjusting the bra so that it feels comfortable and gives you support.

While some ladies are absolute pros at this, others find it harder than you might expect. If that’s the case, you might want to ask someone to help you out. Get a friend to help you adjust your bra so that your breasts are separated and it feels ‘right.’

Take good care of your lingerie

While you might not have uniboob when you first start wearing a particular bra, that could change over time. As your lingerie gets older, it will naturally become more and more worn. That’s something that you should have come to expect. This can cause the material to loosen and you may end up with issues like the uniboob problem!

However, taking good care of the bras that you own is the key to solving this problem. Make sure that you store your bras well, known how to wash them, and always leave them to dry naturally. These small tips won’t mean that they last forever but they will mean that they last a little longer than you expect.

And there you have it! Avoiding the uniboob problem doesn’t have to be as hard as you might have imagined. Not by a long shot. It’s just about taking care of yourself and taking care of the lingerie that you wear. What could be easier? Happy shopping!

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