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Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals

Whether you want those carbs, want to satisfy that sweet-tooth, or you’re dreaming of Taco Tuesday, there are days when you want to get your fix your favorites without blowing your diet. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to your favorite indulgent meals, read on for some new twists on some old classics!

Pasta alternatives

running on real food roasted garlic red pepper zoodles - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals Credit: Running On Real Food

I crave carbs on a daily basis, especially pasta. But too much of a good thing isn’t good for you, so I’ve searched for alternatives to the simple “spaghetti and tomato sauce” staple to add some variation to an old routine. Not only can you make delicious noodles out of zucchini and butternut squash, but finding some healthy-for-you sauces that are quick and easy to make isn’t too difficult either. Bring it back-to-basics with this lemon pasta recipe, or indulge a little with this guilt-free creamy avocado and spinach pasta.

Mac and cheese alternatives

vegan yumminess vegan mac and cheese - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals Credit: Vegan Yumminess

If you want to lower the calorie count in the sauce, here’s a recipe that uses greek yogurt, and still makes a tasty mac and cheese treat. And for those looking for a dairy-free recipe, there’s a vegan option too. For all the mac and cheese fans out there that want a low-carb cheesy alternative to the tried-and-true original, cauliflower mac and cheese is still indulgent, as it avoids the “mac” but still goes heavy on the cheese. At least you can say you’re getting a serving of veggies!

Ice cream alternatives

two peas and their pod two ingredient banana peanut butter ice cream - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals Credit: Two Peas And Their Pod

Whether you’re looking to get your ice cream fix but want to avoid the sugar high, or you’re a vegan that misses a pint of your favorite soft serve, using bananas to make ice cream is super simple, delicious, and dairy-free. Simply chop the bananas into bite-sized chunks, freeze them, then throw them in a blender or food processor with a cup or two of non-dairy milk for ‘nana ice cream. Want to add a little extra flavor? You can make peanut butter, chocolate banana, and mango ice cream. You can even make avocado ice cream if that’s your thing!

Pizza alternatives

the lucky penny blog the best cauliflower crust pizza - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals Credit: The Lucky Penny Blog

Pizza is my guilty pleasure. What’s better than melted cheese? Not much. But all that dough and cheese can make you feel a little sluggish, so here are two ways to cut the crust. You can use cauliflower to make a slightly thicker crust, or pitas/tortillas for a skinnier crust. You don’t even have to add cheese to these pizzas, so experiment with toppings and find your favorite combo!

Mashed potato alternative

ahead of thyme creamy garlic mashed cauliflower - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals Credit: Ahead of Thyme

Mashed potatoes are my favorite comfort food (are you sensing a carb theme here?) but some people prefer a low-carb, lower-calorie alternative. Meet cauliflower mash, your new favorite “vegetable masquerading as carb” recipe. And this one includes a healthy dose of garlic, so if you’re worried about that all-cauliflower taste, this is a good recipe to ease you in.

Taco alternatives

delish fish and zucchini tacos - Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Indulgent Meals Credit: Delish

Instead of using a boxed “instance taco” recipe from the grocery store, try those homemade version for veggies, veggies, and more veggies. Pack an extra punch and add some jalapeño peppers with these skillet veggie tacos. And if you love snapper, there’s a fish taco recipe for that, too.

With all these delicious new recipes to add to your repertoire, you’ve got no excuse to order takeout until you’ve tried these delicious alternatives.

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