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body confidence

Do you feel body confident and empowered? No? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Any woman who doesn’t feel that she is perfect needs to read this. Here are some tips that will help you boost your self-esteem so that it’s through the roof!

1.  Recognize your own beauty

Don’t think you’re beautiful? Well, we have news for you. You’re wrong! Every single woman in the world is filled with unimaginable levels of beauty. It’s simply about recognizing it and letting it out for the world to see. While you may be busy criticizing all of the things that you dislike about yourself, you could be using that time better. Spend some time truly looking at yourself and understanding that you are perfect. It’s true.

2.  Stop comparing yourself to others

We’ve all been guilty of comparing ourselves to others, but it’s not worth it. When you look at another woman, it’s easy to start comparing yourself to her and wishing you had what she had. You need to nip this terrible habit in the bud.

You are wonderful. You have a lot to offer the world. You don’t need to be anybody else but you. When you compare yourself to others, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. We tend to only see the good in others’ appearances, while we see only the bad in ours. Learn to quit this habit sooner not later.

3.  Celebrate what you love about your body

What do you love about your body? Learn to celebrate it each and every day! You might be especially tall, have lovely hair, or like your freckles. Whatever it is that you like about your own look, you need to own it. Identify something that makes you smile and do all you can to focus on that. Each morning, when you look in the mirror, notice how unique and beautiful you really are. It might sound a little silly, but it could make all the difference.

4.  Consider booking a photo shoot

And now, for something of a curveball. Have you ever had a photo shoot? It may sound crazy, but why not go ahead and give it a go? The idea of posing in front of a camera might sound a little tough, but it could help you to come out of your shell and be the best that you can be. The photos that you have taken during the shoot don’t have to be for anybody but yourself. Glamming it up and taking the chance to pose for a picture will make you remember what a beautiful, strong woman you really are.

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5.  Stop looking for approval from people

Do you thrive on compliments? While we all love hearing positive things about ourselves, there’s a difference between wanting them and needing them. If you need approval from others to feel okay in yourself, that is a genuine problem.

Only you can validate yourself. No one else has that power. Don’t give it to them. If you get the feeling that a compliment can make or break your day, you need to rethink things. Remember, you don’t need someone to tell you that you look fantastic for it to be true.

6.  Take the time to treat yourself

When was the last time that you treated yourself? Self-love is all about looking after number one and making sure that you value the person that you are. Sometimes, that may mean getting some rest when you really need it.

It could also mean taking a long bath and just relaxing or treating yourself to some brand new lingerie. The point is that you need to show yourself some love. Don’t wait for someone else to do this for you. It’s not about them. Show yourself how much you care and do something sweet just for you.

7.  Learn some confidence mantras

For some, confidence is a completely natural part of who they are. The rest of us mere mortals have to work hard at it. If you lack self-esteem now and then, you’re not alone. This problem affects many of us and is 100% normal. It’s what you do about it that matters.

One of the easiest ways you can give yourself a small and simple confidence boost is by learning some mantras. For instance, a simple one is “I am beautiful, strong, and just as I should be!” Repeating that to yourself each day could be just what it takes to feel happier and more confident than ever.

8.  Accept exactly who you are

Self-acceptance is far from an easy journey. When you’re feeling a little low or down on yourself, it can be tricky to see just how powerful you really are. Rather than wishing you were something or someone else, understand that there’s so much beauty in who you are.

The mantras will help you understand this, but you should also make a habit of being grateful for all that life has given you. It could help to start keeping a journal and writing down only positive things inside it. Compliment yourself. Compliment others. But, most of all, accept that you are who you’re meant to be.

Remember, empowerment is a journey and you just need to take the first steps. Don’t be disheartened if all of the above doesn’t come naturally. You’re out of practice. However, once you start making an effort to love yourself and boost your confidence, you will feel a thousand times better. Give it a go now.

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