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how to build confidence

Question time: Are you a good friend? Think about it. Do you help to boost your girlfriends up and give them the confidence they need? If you’re not quite sure, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ways you can be there for them today!

1.  Avoid being competitive with them

Before we go any further, this is a message to all the women out there: You do not need to compete with each other. Having girlfriends is about support, love, and friendship. It is most certainly not about trying to score points, prove that you’re hotter, smarter, or just generally better than one another. We’ve all had those toxic friends. Don’t be one of them.

Instead of trying to compete with your bestie, do what you can to support them. No one is judging you against one another. That’s just not how things work. Forget everything that’s standing between the two of you and just connect with her on a real level.

2.  Notice what makes them unique

What is it that makes your friend special? She might be an awesome public speaker. She may have oodles of charm. She might have great dress sense or a wonderful sense of humor. We all have these little quirks that make us unique and special. Be the person who notices how brilliant she is and don’t be afraid to comment on it.

All too often, people are afraid to build others up because they think it means that they are less important. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you raise your friends high, they will do the exact same thing for you.

3.  Learn to compliment honestly

An honest compliment is nothing short of an art form. Noticing that special thing about a person and letting them know about it is a real skill. You need to word it in the right way. Don’t have any underlying negative vibes.

Here’s the key: Just say it as it is. It doesn’t have to be loaded or backhanded. Choose a time when the two of you are alone and tell your girlfriend what you like about her. No doubt she will truly appreciate your words and feel empowered.

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4.  Have their back when times get hard

Let’s be real – we all go through hard times. We may struggle with finding a new job, have relationship woes, or find it hard to study. Whatever it is that’s plaguing your friend, you need to have her back. Don’t make the situation any worse than it is by distancing yourself or leaving her to ‘deal with it’ by herself. That’s not what she needs.

True friendship is about recognizing when your bestie needs you by her side and being there for her. No questions asked. You need to be the one who listens to her, offers her guidance, and tells her that you really do care about how she is feeling.

5.  Tell them what styles suit them

Every lady out there has a fashion quest to figure out what particular style suits them. You will have gone through this yourself. You try on a thousand different things, but you’re not quite sure what works. It can be tough. You may even try out a few experimental styles that don’t quite work with your look or vibe. (Hey, we’ve all been there!)

The truth of the matter is that sometimes other people can see what suits you the best. So, if you know what style looks utterly fabulous on your girlfriend, don’t be afraid to tell her all about it. Explain that you’ve been thinking about what would look great on her and you think that you might just have cracked it. She will adore it!

6.  Understand that you are different

There are over seven billion people in the world… What are the chances that we’re all the same? Often, what causes conflict between us ladies is that we focus too much on our differences.

For instance, your friend may have different political views than you do. She may have a lifestyle that you just would not choose for yourself. She might even like a TV series that you hate. It happens.

Whatever it is that makes the two of you different, it’s something that you need to celebrate. Be proud of the fact that the two of you are not carbon copies of one another. Why should you be? The chances are, you can learn a whole lot from your friend and she can learn from you too. Let it happen naturally.

7.  Be confident in yourself!

When we’re confident in the way that we feel, it shows. We light up every room we enter for all the right reasons. What’s more, we are a joy to be around. People love us. They love talking to us and learning who we are. When you have that sheer level of confidence in yourself, it lifts the people around you up too.

If you truly want to empower your girlfriends, show them all how it’s done. Be the very best version of yourself and let them see how easy it can all be. Remember, real confidence is contagious. The more you show it off, the better those around you will feel too. Simple!

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