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If you’re a plus-sized person, it seems only sensible to assume that you need a plus-size bra. However, bra sizing works very differently to sizing for tops and dresses, and things aren’t quite that simple.

Many plus-sized people, of course, do wear plus-sized bras. But if you are on the smaller end of plus, you may not need to. Also, it’s possible to need a plus-size bra even if, for your outerwear wardrobe, you are on the larger end of straight sizing (such as a US 10 or 12).

What bra sizes are plus-sized?

It helps to start by explaining what the term ‘plus size’ means in the lingerie world. It refers solely to the band length, the numerical part of your band size, and has nothing to do with cup size. Although there is slight debate on where plus sizing starts for bras, it’s either a 38 or a 40 band depending on who you ask.

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what is plus size bra

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Why a well-fitting bra band matters

The band of a bra is responsible for the majority of the support work. If you simply assume you’ll need a 38+ size because you wear plus-sized clothing, you may end up in a band size that’s actually too big.

A band that’s too loose won’t offer much lift and could lead to backache and slipping shoulder straps. It helps to educate yourself about how a bra band should fit, so you know what to check for.

Why isn’t it as simple as plus-sized clothing = plus-sized bras?

Reason 1: Bra sizing varies (rather a lot!)

The actual numbers on clothing sizes have no direct relation to your size, i.e. if you wear a size 20, that doesn’t mean that a particular part of your body or the garment measures 20″. That becomes especially clear when you remember that what the US calls a size 20, the UK calls a size 24 and Europe calls a size 52. They’re just arbitrary numbers.

Bra band sizes, on the other hand, are based on actual measurements, with a 40C bra, for example, intended for someone with a 40″ underbust. Well, or not. There is a lot of variation in how bra sizes are measured, with some brands still favouring a traditional ‘+4’ fitting method (in which someone with a 36″ underbust would add four to it to arrive at a bra band size of 40).

And that is one part of the problem. Some 40C bands will stretch up to 40″, others will only stretch up to 36″. There’s a whole lot of variation between different brands. More so, possibly, than with brands that make other types of clothing.

Reason 2: More things influence bra fit than just measurements

Lack of standardization is one reason, but even if all 40 bra bands measured exactly the same, that wouldn’t mean that everyone wearing one had the same underbust measurement.

That’s because finding a bra band size that fits involves more than just taking a measurement. A few things influence the band size you’ll need, such as your muscle-to-body-fat ratio and your bone structure.

Because of this, it’s not as simple as saying a US 16 equals a 40 band, an 18 a 42 band, and so on. Bra sizes and clothing sizes don’t align neatly like that. And at the point where straight and plus sizes meet, there’s some overlap. A smaller plus-sized person who prefers a tighter band or is simply wearing a brand that comes up small could get their best fit in a 36 or 34 band size. While a larger straight-sized person could be wearing a 38 or 40 because it’s what works best for them.

So do I need a plus-sized bra if I’m plus-sized?

Coming back to our original question, the answer is “not necessarily”. If you are on the cusp of straight and plus sizing with an underbust measurement in the region of 34-42″, you may or may not need a plus-size bra. The best way to find out is to get a professional bra fitting. Just remember that sizing varies between brands, so it’s perfectly possible to be a 36-band in one brand and a 40-band in another!

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If you are between straight and plus sizing for outerwear, do you wear plus-sized bras? Why or why not?

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Happy bra shopping!

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