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is wearing a bra bad for your health

As we get older our hormones and the shape of our bodies fluctuate, which can be very inconvenient when trying to find a comfortable bra that fits. The sizes change from store to store, styles can make you have to go up or down a size, or changes in your body can make you gain or lose a cup size. With all of this madness to contend with, it’s no wonder women struggle to find bras that fit. But beyond the comfort factor, did you know that wearing the wrong bra size can actually hurt your health?

Here are five ways an ill-fitting bra can cause discomfort and negatively impact your health: 

Neck and back pain are a common symptom of an ill-fitting bra.

It usually means that your breasts aren’t getting the support they need, so your neck and back are paying the price. Choosing bras with more coverage, sturdy bands and thicker straps can combat this problem. Also, make sure that your bra straps aren’t digging into your shoulders, as that’s another sign that your straps are doing all the work and your bra isn’t supportive enough (again, wider straps).

If the underwire is digging into your ribs, chances are your bra doesn’t fit you properly.

Bras are meant to support you, not cause you physical pain. It could be that the cups fit poorly, that your band is too tight, or the bra simply isn’t a good fit for your body shape. If you can (comfortably), try bras with no underwire. If you can’t, try on a few bras to see what styles don’t pinch your rib cage.

Tight bras can restrict blood flow.

Just as with any tight clothing compressing your skin, tight straps, bands, cups, and underwire can all contribute to a lack of circulation, leaving indents in the skin and you feeling uncomfortable. If you have to adjust the straps and band so much because they are leaving red welts on your skin, chances are you need a new, fitted bra.

Lymph nodes around the breasts can be damaged by ill-fitting bras.

If your bra is too tight, it doesn’t allow the lymphatic system – which helps your body get rid of toxins – to work properly and drain fluid from around the lymph nodes in your breasts. This can cause your breasts to feel swollen and tender. Solution? Loosen up the band, and make sure your cups aren’t digging into your breast tissue.

Poorly fitted bras can lead to bad posture.

This goes hand in hand with the neck and back pain I mentioned earlier. Basically, if you’re top heavy and the support isn’t being distributed evenly by a bra that fits, you’re more likely to hunch your shoulders and stoop, leading to bad (and painful) posture changes.

Remember, the best way to find a bra that suits you is to try it on. Make sure the cups fit (no room but no overflowing either), that the band sits comfortably along your ribcage and doesn’t ride up, and that the straps stay up and don’t dig in.

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Happy bra shopping!

What are your bra struggles? Have you ever been fitted for a bra? Let us know in the comments below!


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