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different bra styles

How well do you know your bra styles? We’re covering your favorites and more in our multi-part guide.

Read on for part two of our simple guide with three more bra styles you need to know –  racerback bras, wired bodysuits, and plunge bras.

Racerback Bra

What is a racerback bra?

Racerback bras typically feature a front closure, snug band, and adjustable straps. The cups on a racerback bra can vary, though most feature plunge cups. Though traditionally designed as a lingerie solution for racerback tops, racerback bras are useful for many reasons. The front closure can be helpful for anyone with a limited range of motion and may be easier to put on than a back hook and eye closure bra. The close straps are pretty much guaranteed to stay on shoulders – thus making this a great bra for anyone with narrow shoulders.

Racerback bras are often constructed with a plunging silhouette, which is flattering for a multitude of breast shapes (round, tear drop, asymmetric, slender, wide set, outward facing). Racerback bras can  Some racerback bras have beautiful back panels with intricate lace (like our Nouveau Racerback Bra) – perfect for showing off under your favorite shirts. The only downside to racerback bras is the inability to adjust the band as it stretches. So, when shopping for a racerback bra, opt for a band that fits snugly but comfortably so you don’t sacrifice any support.

Why wear racerback bras?

Aside from wearing racerback bras under racerback shirts, racerback bras are a stellar choice for anyone with limited mobility or narrow shoulders.

How to wear racerback bras

Pair your racerback bra with your favorite racerback tank or let the straps peek out of a boatneck sweater for effortless style points.

what does a racerback bra do

Nouveau Racerback Padded Bra A1531 | Nouveau Hipster A1535 in Black

Wired Bodysuit

What is a wired bodysuit?

Wired bodysuits typically feature molded cups with underwire, a back hook and eye closure, a paneled body that enclosures the midsection, and a panty-like bottom that may or not have a snap closure for easy on and off. Wired bodysuits have evolved from their shapewear sisters of ages past and are now constructed in less restrictive lace, mesh, and satin, among many other beautiful fabrics. We’ve seen an increase in their popularity in the last few years and you can now find them in many lingerie boutiques, department stores, and online stores.

What’s the difference between wired bodysuits and non-wired bodysuits?

Wired bodysuits have cups with underwire. Non-wired bodysuits have wireless or wire-free cups that may or may not be padded for shaping and coverage.

Why wear wired bodysuits?

Aside from being on trend and versatile (you can layer them a bunch of different ways), wired bodysuits are perfect for anyone who loves the look of a bodysuit but wants the support of their favorite bra. Wired bodysuits won’t let you down if you have a small band size and large cup size (28-34D-K) or large cup size and large band size (40-46D-K). Some wired bodysuits even feature support-like panels designed to shape and smooth curves – making them a great alternative to shapewear separates.

How to wear wired bodysuits

Wired bodysuits can be worn under clothing for a smooth look or as outerwear under a pretty, sheer top and high-waisted skirt, for example. We love how versatile they are and even recommend them for lounging at home or pairing with a favorite pair of jeans for a sexy yet chic look.

how to wear a bodysuit

Allure Bodysuit A1497 in Black

Plunge Bra

What is a plunge bra?

Plunge bras typically feature low plunging cups, adjustable straps, and a supportive band. Plunge bras are differentiated by their low center front, or center gore, that creates the sexy shape of their cups. Most plunge bras have padded cups or at least cups lined with lingerie mesh for coverage. They may also have molded cups or cut and sewn cups to create a rounded breast shape.

Plunge bras are flattering for a multitude of breast shapes and have the ability to lift and center breast tissue without any extra padding (unlike their push-up bra sisters). Plunge bras work by pushing breast tissue closer to the center of the bra. Plus, the low center gore is more likely to tact (or lay flush against the sternum) for full busts and large busts, thus separating breast tissue for a flattering look.

On the other hand, depending on your breast shape, you may notice spillage toward the center of the cup. If this is the case, go up a cup size and see how that feels. If you still don’t like the look of the bra, try a demi bra or balconette bra with a low center gore instead and see if the fit is better. Demi bras and balconette bras will still have the same sexy fit of plunge bras, but without the spillage that a plunge cup can create with its shape.

Why wear plunge bras?

Aside from wearing plunge bras under low-cut and plunging necklines, plunge bras offer a sexy look for a wide range of bra sizes. With a plunge bra, you’re getting maximum cleavage without sacrificing support.

How to wear plunge bras

Pair plunge bras with your low-cut dresses and blouses and you’re good to go!

what is a plunge bra

Allure Plunge Padded Bra A1491 | Allure Bikini A1493 in Dazzling Blue

Three more bra styles down and a few more to go. Let us know in the comments below which styles you’d like us to cover in future blog posts, and as always, happy bra shopping!

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Happy bra shopping!

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Nouveau Racerback Padded Bra A1531 | Nouveau Hipster A1535 in Nude
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