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Like most women, you probably have a favorite bra or style of bra that you buy on repeat. Maybe it’s a plunge bra or a t-shirt bra that you stock up on in multiple colors. But did you know that there is a world of bra styles out there just waiting for you? There’s more to lingerie than bralettes and t-shirt bras, that’s for sure. And we’re covering them all in our multi-part guide.

Read on for part one of our simple guide with the first three bra styles you need to know –  longline bras, strapless bras, and wireless bras.

Longline Bra

What is a longline bra?

Longline bras typically feature a wide band with multiple hooks, plastic boning encased in fabric to smooth out sides and keep the bra from rolling up or digging into skin, and balconette, demi, or plunging cups for a fit that will work for a multitude of breast shapes. While many longline bras have underwire, not all longline bras are wired. Some of the most supportive and flattering bralettes have a longline silhouette.

Why wear longline bras?

Longline bras are universally flattering, though the fit can be tricky to get right. Depending on how snug you like your bra band, you may find a more comfortable fit in your bra sister size (up one band size and down one cup size) if you’re not used to snug fitting bands.

How to wear longline bras

Beautiful when worn as outerwear or under a sheer shirt, longline bras are surprisingly versatile. Wear under a favorite dress for day or pair with a high waisted skirt and jacket for date night.

bra styles for large busts

Tattoo Padded Balconette Longline Bra A14315 | Tattoo Hipster A1435 in Clematis Blue/Champagne

Strapless Bra

What is a strapless bra?

Strapless bras typically feature a supportive band, molded cups, and removable straps. A strapless bra’s band is crucial to its support. We recommend looking for a strapless bra with a wide band with plastic boning if you wear a D cup or larger. It’s not uncommon to find silicone tape along the inner wings and bra cups to help keep it in place, so if you’re allergic to silicone look for a bra without silicone tape.

For a smooth look under clothing, opt for a strapless bra with seamless molded cups (like our Deco Wire-Free Strapless Bra). For a sexier fit that can be worn with or without straps, check out our Nouveau Strapless Bra in black or nude for the perfect fit.

Why wear strapless bras?

Strapless bras give you the freedom to wear strapless tops and dresses without sacrificing support. Just like longline bras, strapless bras can be difficult to shop for. For the best fit, make sure all of your breast tissue is inside of the cups and the bra band is fastened on the loosest hook and positioned parallel to the floor.

You should be able to walk and move without the bra band riding up or falling down. If the bra band starts moving up, try a band size smaller and a cup size bigger. If the bra band is uncomfortable and digging into your skin, try a band size bigger and a cup size smaller.

How to wear strapless bras

Pair with your favorite strapless top or dress and you’re good to go!

 different bra styles pictures

Nouveau Strapless Bra A15312 | Nouveau Brazilian Thong A1534 in Black

Wireless Bra

What is a wireless bra?

Wireless bras (also known as wire-free bras) are simply bras without underwire. Bralettes and sports bras can be wireless bras. Most bras don’t need wire for support, as 80-90% of a bra’s support comes from the band. Wireless bras get their support from their band and cups.

Why wear wireless bras?

Wireless bras are incredibly comfortable and are an excellent alternative to wired bras. They’re also a great style to wear during your period, during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, to the gym, and on lazy days when you don’t feel like putting on a bra.

How to wear wireless bras

Wireless bras can be worn just like any other bra. Try pairing them with a cozy sweater or comfy top for a cute look.

bra styles for different breast shapes

Deco Wire-Free Strapless Bra A15412 | Deco Hipster A1545 in Black

So there you have it – the first three bra styles in our multi-part series. Let us know in the comments below which styles you’d like us to cover in future blog posts, and as always, happy bra shopping!

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Happy bra shopping!

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Left – Deco Wire-Free Strapless Bra A15412 | Deco Hipster A1545 in Black
Middle – Tattoo Padded Balconette Longline Bra A14315 | Tattoo Hipster A1435 in Clematis Blue/Champagne
Right – Nouveau Strapless Bra A15312 | Nouveau Brazilian Thong A1534 in Nude
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