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boudoir photos

So, you’re seeking to give your S.O. something special — and sexy photos of yourself sound like a promising option. After all, what gift could possibly be more personal? Boudoir photos are a popular option for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and wedding as well, and the trend makes total sense.

If you’re still mulling the idea over, we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons why boudoir photos may just make the perfect present.

It’s a sexy surprise.

Picture this: Your significant other opens a mysterious album to find the love of their life decked out in luxe lingerie, posing seductively for the camera. Can you imagine the look on their face? Trust us, it’ll be priceless (in fact, you may want to capture it with a quick snapshot or video while they’re opening it). Depending on the nature of your relationship, this may be a side of you they’ve never even seen. It may be time to spice things up after many years together. Either way, you can bet they’ll appreciate having these stunning images to glance at whenever they please. For brides-to-be especially, boudoir photo shoots have become increasingly popular. Think about it: There’s hardly a more intimate way to enter your new life together (and kick off the honeymoon) than showing off your sultry side.

It’s a gift to yourself, too.

The truth is, boudoir photos aren’t just a gift for him — you’ll reap so many rewards from the experience.

For one, think of the self-esteem boost you’ll get seeing expertly shot images of yourself with your hair and makeup professionally done, and gorgeous lacy underthings adorning your body. Having a pro photographer guide you through poses — this is your chance to channel your own inner model, goddess, and siren all at once. Rest assured, if you have any kind of hangups about your body, this experience could very well change your perspective for the better. Getting in touch with your seductive side is sure to put some of those insecurities to rest.

Not to mention, having a reason to get dolled up with the help of a #glamsquad is a gift in itself as well. We women tend to put others’ needs before ourselves, so indulging in a day of pampering may be just what you need to feel rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of self-worth and focus on self-care.

And let’s not forget that a boudoir photo shoot presents an excuse to buy some lingerie. Been eyeing that black padded bra with floral bouquet lace? Dying to add that French blue plunge longline bra to your collection? Treat yourself to a little shopping spree and you’ll have some exciting new pieces to sport for your photo shoot, but also to bust out on date night down the road.

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…And it keeps on giving.

The beauty of a boudoir photo shoot is that it captures some special moments — moments during which you’re feeling your sexiest. Whenever you or your significant other breaks out these photos, you can remember this time in your life fondly. Furthermore, it’s bound to rekindle the fire between you.

This is not a gift you wear a few times and then give away. It’s not a gift that might be the wrong size or the wrong color, or potentially break after several uses. It’s a gift that you both will cherish for years to come.

If there were any doubts in your mind as to whether boudoir photos are a fitting gift idea, hopefully we’ve quelled them. Now, all you have to do is build up the necessary courage, find your ideal photographer and book a shoot date… after all — if not now, when?

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