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It’s so easy to focus on the bad things that are happening in our lives, and the bad thoughts that are running through our minds. Negative self talk is easy to accept and can be really hard to kick, but if we only allow ourselves to see the slip ups, we never fully appreciate the great things we have going for us. Here are a few ways to maximize the positives in your life, and embrace the bright side.

1.  Embrace change.

Change is scary. Whether it’s sending your child off to college, making a big presentation at work, asking for a promotion, or anticipating that big move, change can have an intense ripple effect across your life. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If nothing ever changes, and everything always stays the same, then life doesn’t hold much excitement, right? Stuff has to change to get better. Being laid off at your job means you can finally have time to pursue a career that excites you. Finding out you have to move house means you can move to that neighborhood you’ve always loved, or downsize/upsize depending on your family. There’s always a silver lining to life’s mishaps, and embracing change means that the stress will be manageable, and the new parts of your life are an adventure, rather than a burden.

2.  Leave toxic people behind.

It can be hard to part ways with friends whom you’ve known for a long time or that are a big part of your life. Maybe you work with them or they are related too you in some way. But having people who are always down about their lives (and possibly yours too) doesn’t bring anything but negativity into your life. If your friend is always complaining about how bad things are, how they never get what they want and how the universe is out to get them, slowly but surely they will bring you down to their negative headspace. And that dark mindset is not a good place to be. You don’t have to be unkind to toxic people, but not making them a large or important part of your life means you can focus on more positive people, those who want you to succeed and who see the good.

3.  Surround yourself with beautiful people.

Beautiful on the inside, that is. In the same way that you don’t want toxic people having a negative influence on your life, you need to have goodhearted people around you to inspire and delight you. Seek people who laugh. Who travel for adventure. Who follow their passions. And who don’t waste time with negativity or bad vibes. Their positive energy will rub off on you, so choose wisely.

4.  Be grateful for what you have.

The grass is always greener on the other side, but it’s important to realize that what you have is pretty amazing too. Whether it’s a job you love, a family that supports you, and/or a roof over your head, being grateful for the good things in your life is far better than being upset about what you don’t have. Practice an attitude of gratitude, and write down three things every day that you’re grateful for. It can be as simple as that delicious Starbucks order that arrived just on time this morning, or as grand as the amazing kids or grandkids you’ve been blessed with. The more you notice the good things in your life, the happier you will be.

5.  Forgive and forget.

Holding grudges might make sense in the moment, but in the long run hate or hurt can have adverse effects on your health. Have you ever heard the phrase that holding on to resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die? Not allowing yourself to move on means that you’re holding yourself back from being truly happy, and you’re the only one who’s suffering. So do what you have to do to forgive and forget, whether you seek the person out for closure, write all your feelings down in a journal or letter (that you don’t have to send them) or talk it out with someone.

6.  Stop comparing yourself to others.

Social media makes this really hard to do, because we’re constantly seeing how happy everyone else is; in their relationships, their work, their travel, etc. But realizing that people are putting their best face forward on social, and that they may also be feeling low and lacking self-esteem and using social as a boost is important to take into account too. Everyone has their own trials and tribulations in life, and understanding that you can’t know what’s going on behind closed doors is the first step to realizing that no one is perfect, even if they look that way in their  social posts. So turn your focus inwards, and start working on bettering yourself, instead of worrying what other people are doing.

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Going on vacation is something we all look forward to and impatiently await. However, a bit of planning ahead is necessary to provide the ultimate peace of mind during a trip. If you check off the 10 items on this list before your trip, you’ll truly be able to relax with a mojito in hand under swaying palm trees.

1.  Make copies of documents.

There is always the chance of misplacing or losing important travel documents like your license, passport, visa, or travel itinerary. But, having a copy and an electronic version of these documents can really help you out in a pinch. Though it might feel like the end of the world if you lose the originals, having a copy (especially one that is notarized) can really expedite the process of getting new travel documents.

2.  Ensure someone knows where you’ll be.

Whether you are taking the solo trip of a lifetime, a girls’ getaway, a romantic trip, or a family vacation, you should make sure that someone back home knows your basic travel plans. At the same time, it isn’t wise to post the exact dates of your vacation widely on social media since that can make your home vulnerable to theft.

3.  Talk to your bank.

If you plan on using your debit or credit cards while in a different city or country, be sure that your bank knows of your travel plans ahead of time. This will prevent you from being stuck without money while trying to pay for a hotel or a purchase since some banks might consider these fraudulent charges without prior information.

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4.  Make sure your pets and plants are taken care of.

If you have a pet at home or tons of plants, don’t forget to set up a way for these living creatures to be cared for. Whether you ask a reliable friend to feed your cat every day, have a relative stay in your home to walk your dog and water your flowers, board your pet, or bring your plants to the office for a colleague with a green thumb to care for, these are all things that should be planned far in advance. Ensuring your pet’s safety is a top priority while you are away and will give you peace of mind.

5.  Remind colleagues that you’re going on vacation.

About a week or a few days before your trip, remind colleagues, co-workers, HR, and employers of your upcoming vacation and whether or not they can expect to reach you during your trip. This is also especially pertinent for self-employed or small business owners since no one will pick up the slack while you are gone.

6.  Set up an email auto responder.

Along the same lines, before completely signing out of work for the duration of your trip, don’t forget to set up an email auto responder. This is especially important if you work for yourself and won’t be able to respond to emails promptly.

7.  Turn everything off.

Before leaving your office and home, you can help save electricity (and save on the bills) by unplugging lamps, your computer, and other outlets, except for perhaps your refrigerator! You can also save by turning off or down the air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter — just keep in mind that if it freezes where you are, you should keep the heating on high enough to prevent your pipes from freezing.

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8.  Take out the trash.

Yuck — coming home to a smelly trash can is gross! One of the last things you should do in your home is take out the trash so nothing spends a week or more rotting in your home.

10.  Lock up your home.

As you step out of the door before making your way to the airport, train station, or into your car for a road trip, don’t forget to lock your door!

11.  Ask someone to check on your home.

If you plan to be traveling long term, it is worth it to ask a trustworthy friend or nearby family member to check your home a few times while you are away. This can help to protect your home from break ins and damage due to unforeseen circumstances (pipes breaking, leaks, storms, and etc.). If traveling for 3 months or more, it might even be worth it to consider finding a subletter if that is allowed in your lease. It can really provide peace of mind to know that someone is taking care of your home while you are away.

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Vacation time is a precious commodity for most of us, but it shouldn’t be squandered away. Make that vacation time work for you with weekend getaways and international adventures in which you can spend time creating new memories and gaining new experiences. Whether you opt for one yearly trip or several smaller trips throughout the year, the benefits of traveling will seep into every aspect of your life.

1.  Power Off

These days it is harder to power down and switch off than ever, but going on vacation can help you step away from your computer and disconnect from your phone. Though you may be tempted to Instagram your entire vacation, let me suggest that you avoid spending too much time on social media since your vacation time is so precious.

2.  Feel Refreshed

Responsibilities at home, work, and in life can really wear you down, but taking at least one yearly vacation can help you feel restored when you return home. After all, our personal wellness should be at the top of our priority list.

3.  Gain Perspective

Whether traveling within the US or internationally, you can gain a bit of insight into how other people live in a different part of the country or a different country altogether. If you want to learn more about different societies, volunteering abroad opportunities, such as Workaway, abound.

4.  Develop Your Hobbies

What is your hobby and when was the last time you focused solely on it for a day or more? Our busy lives often get in the way of practicing something we enjoy, but traveling can provide the needed time and creative space to do just this. For example, if you love photography, you could spend your vacation photographing the sights or even taking a workshop. If cooking is your passion, how about a cooking class or two where you can learn about new dishes and add a few new recipes to your repertoire.

5.  Learn New Skills

Traveling is a great time to invest in yourself by learning a new skill. You’ll finally find you have time to read that book that has been collecting dust on your shelf or enroll in a workshop you’ve been putting off. Even taking an afternoon writing course could lead to new knowledge and potentially a new hobby or side hustle.

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6.  Learn About Yourself

When traveling, especially in a foreign country, you must often rely on yourself to navigate the public transportation, communicate in a foreign language, read a map, and more. These simple tasks may not seem so simple in a different country, but in these moments, you are truly learning your capabilities. When ordering a plate of steamed dumplings in Chinese — and being understood — the thrill is so exciting that you are sure not to easily forget it.

7.  To Connect

Being off of work and leaving the electronics behind (at least for most of the day) can provide ample time to connect with your spouse and children. We are often so busy going, going, going all day that having a week or more off is a wonderful time to reconnect with family members and even learn new things about them. Building your relationships during a vacation is one of the most important reasons for at least one yearly vacation.

8.  Learn About Others

Taking the time to travel to a foreign country each year can help you to understand different cultures, religions, and ways of life that you might not normally be exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Acceptance and understanding is key in this day and age.

9.  Take Time For Yourself

Vacation is such a great time to pamper yourself. Whether you choose to get a much-needed massage, work out every day, enjoy an afternoon shopping, or simply relax at the beach, spending some serious time treating yourself will help you feel your best when you return home.

10.  Gain New Experiences

Seeing the Great Wall of China for the first time or marveling at the impressive architecture of the Roman Coliseum and Forum are worth making time for. These and other unforgettable experiences can be had both near and far from home, but new experiences need to be sought out. Don’t put off doing the things you’ve always wanted to do until you retire; now is the best time to start checking off your bucket list.

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I’ve committed to taking at least one yearly vacation, will you?

Our cell phones may be ruining our lives.

That’s the word from a couple of new studies out, both of which underline the fact that many of us are spending so much time looking at our phones that we are missing out on the life around us. The problem, of course, is that our phones are our lifeline not only to the fun of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but they are our connection to our work.

According to a new Reachmail survey, about three-quarters of us are checking in on work emails during our evenings and weekends and that more than 60% are checking up on work emails while on vacations – you know, the time we’ve set aside to vacate email and social media and just have fun.

All that checking in – whether it’s on work emails or our social media – has been shown in studies to increase our stress levels, decrease the amount of restful sleep we’re getting, and to  even impact our love lives negatively. And, while it’s simple enough to tell ourselves not to check in, some experts say technology has become an addiction for many of us that is just has hard to kick as alcohol or even drugs. Moreso because we have to use our tech gadgets for work. So, how do we tune out of our tech long enough to de-stress and enjoy life without feeling as if we’re jonesing for another hit?

Here are five tips to help:

1.  Look for things to do off of the phone.

If you take a train or public transportation to work, use that time to read or listen to music rather than religiously check up on social media or email. Use your evenings or weekends to take a photography or cooking class with your bestie.

2.  Institute a ‘no phones at the table’ rule with your significant other so that you tune into one another and off your phones.

If you’re dating around and not in a serious relationship, leave your phone alone during dates so that you can focus on the conversation and ambience of the date.

3.  Leave more time between email and social media check-ins.

We all love to post pics of our fancy dinners or selfies with the girls, but after posting that pic leave it alone. Don’t go back every five minutes to check in. For example, if you normally check your phone for notifications every 20 minutes, make yourself wait 30 minutes, and gradually leave more space between those notification checks.

4.  With friends, only use your phone to look up important things – like directions to that new restaurant or posting a single group pic.

And, as in #3, don’t continually return to the post to see who has liked/commented on it.

5.  Remind yourself to be present in the moment.

Mindfulness isn’t just about paying attention to our friends, it’s about paying attention to the world around us. Leaving our phones in our bags is another way to be mindful of the world around us, to see the beauty of nature – or that hot waiter at the coffee place.

Remember, you don’t have to give up your phone cold turkey, but taking these few steps to wean yourself off the constant need to update the digital world on your day just might fill your days with more wonder and beauty than even the best Facebook post.

Before heading off on vacation this summer, do your research ahead of time to ensure you make the most of your trip. There are so many resources available for free online these days that designing a trip that fits your interests is actually pretty simple—even if you simply want to wander hip districts on a city break or relax in nature.

Whether you opt to create a detailed itinerary or are just seeking ideas, there are a ton of resources available at your fingertips!

1.  Create a map on Google Maps

One of my favorite tools for planning a trip is the feature on Google Maps called My Maps. This allows users to drop pins on a map, which is a great way to keep of places that catch your eye. The pins can even be changed to your desired color and symbol if you are a Type-A trip planner. You can then open this map on your phone to help you navigate any new location.

2.  Search for destination information on Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are more than just social media apps—they are great resources for trip information. Once I have a destination in mind, I search in Pinterest to find images, articles, and blog posts that I save to a specific trip board. I’m really into unique food experiences, so I mainly use Instagram to see what local foodies are sharing from the destination I’m planning to visit.

By searching food related hashtags and discovering local Instagrammers, you can find some awesome hole-in-the-wall eateries. Then, I use the information that catches my eye from both Pinterest and Instagram to include on a designated Google Map. Just do keep in mind that images from Instagram and Pinterest are notoriously manipulated or Photoshopped, which can make some destinations look unrealistic.

3.  Connect with groups on Facebook

If you are a first-time traveler, solo female traveler, nervous traveler, or planning an extended trip, this tip is especially relevant for you! Facebook groups, particularly those geared at women travelers like Travelettes and Travel Fashion Girl, are great for asking questions and connecting with other like-minded women.

For those planning an extended trip, expat groups are also available in different cities around the world that are great places to ask questions and find resources.

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4.  Book local experiences

If you’d like to meet locals and enjoy some wonderful cultural exchange during your travels, numerous websites can help you connect with locals.

For example, BonAppetour connects you with home cooks for food walking tours or meals in a local’s home! EatWith and Traveling Spoon are two more of the many options out there for enjoying home cooked local meals. I’ve enjoyed several of these experiences around the world and absolutely have to recommend them!

5.  Read blogs or watch YouTube videos

I love, love reading blogs, especially when planning a trip. Reading blogs, particularly those that share their travel adventures, provide unique, personalized insight into a destination. Seeing a location through another’s eyes is a really special way to help you plan your own trip. Some of my go-tos include Department of Wandering, Hand Luggage Only, and Local Adventurer.

YouTube is another excellent option for getting travel tips pertinent to different cities. Simply search your favorite YouTubers videos or search for videos on the location you plan to visit. I quite like the videos created by Samuel and Audrey of Backpacking Travel TV since they are realistic, chatty, and provide great foodie tips.

Now all you need to do is get out there and explore!

{Editor’s Note: This blog post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands or businesses mentioned in this post.}

Spending a cozy weekend at home with friends is a relaxing way to catch up and wind down from a busy week. But hosting friends can sometimes feel like more work than play because of the time spent cleaning, shopping, and cooking before a get together. However, to save on your budget and your time, I’d suggest planning smart so that you can actually enjoy the company.

1.  Pick Brunch

Brunch is possibly the most delicious meal of the day and it is so simple to prepare. Healthy and delicious options like avocado toast, a fresh fruit salad, and hard boiled eggs take only minutes to prepare, yet are delicious. Add a hot mug of coffee or tea and your guests will certainly be satisfied. Because no special, hard-to-find ingredients are required, grocery shopping beforehand is simple and it also doesn’t blow the weekly food budget out of the water like hosting dinner might.

2.  Plan Ahead

Prepping the night before will save on time and allow for you to relax when your company arrives. Tidying up, vacuuming, washing dishes from dinner, and even setting the table can be done the night before. These simple tasks won’t take too long to finish, yet can really take the stress off the next morning, possibly even allowing you to sleep in — what could be better than that?

If you plan to do any baking for your brunch get together, consider doing it the night before. However, if you prefer freshly baked banana bread to reheated, then taking out the ingredients, kitchen tools, and recipe the night before can save you time in the morning.

3.  Don’t Be Shy About Asking Guests to Bring Something

I know that some people can feel uncomfortable asking guests to bring something if you are hosting; however, we all should get over this because I’m sure that 99% of people are happy to bring a drink or a dish to share. This is especially true if you pair the item with your friend’s personality and skills. For example, if your girlfriend is a whiz of a baker, consider asking her to bring a loaf of tasty quick bread. Or, if you are inviting busy new parents, how about asking them to bring something to drink?

4.  Kid’s Coming? Be Prepared with Entertainment

Parents, especially those with babies and toddlers, love to be invited over for meals because it means not having to worry about finding a babysitter or dealing with the tantrums that can come while waiting for a meal. It also gives the chance for parents to relax and enjoy adult conversations while their kids are in a relatively calm environment. If you want to make those parents even happier, plan ahead by having a small stash of toys and books out for their kids. Children of any age are very entertained by toys that aren’t their own, so this will encourage independent play, giving parents a much-needed break.

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While your guests are checking the wedding registry twice, you’re probably stressing out about what to get your wedding party. Good news, we have suggestions, from great best friend gifts to something the little ones in your party will love.

For your besties

A subscription box

Subscription boxes are all the rage, and the best part is you can get them for nearly everything from makeup to books, lingerie to jeans, and everything in between. Think about what your best friends like the most – is it the next great thriller writer? Is it locally sourced produce or other goods? – and find a subscription box to match their interests. It’s, literally, the gift that keeps giving. For at least a year!


This is a tried and true favorite. Diamond stud earrings are a great choice, but so are birthstone studs. What about a tennis or charm bracelet? Jewelry is a gift that she will wear forever, and every time, she’ll be reminded of your friendship.


For the best friend who doesn’t wear jewelry often, what about tickets to her favorite band for the two of you? Take her out, and make the night all about her from dinner before, to the performance, and drinks after!

For the Moms

A spa day

As stressed as you are in the days leading up to the wedding, so are your mom – and his! They’re worried about not only the big event, but how you’ll finance your first home, when you’ll have kids, what the cost of college will be for those kids…the list goes on! Help the moms relieve some of that stress with a full spa day – massage treatments, facials, mani-pedis – that they will never forget. Word of warning: if the moms don’t get along, don’t send them to the same place!


If you’re feeling particularly inventive, why not make the moms a movie starring – you (and him)! From birth through school, big events like the prom and college graduations, your life is remembered in pictures. Pick Mom’s favorite sentimental song, and create a slideshow of your life that she will love forever.

For the Dads

Dads are pretty easy when it comes to gifts: most like sports, the great outdoors, and home projects. Why not surprise your dad and new father-in-law with tickets to their favorite team’s next game, or send him on a guided hike through a recreational area?

If your guy’s are more the DIY type, check out what tools are missing (or ancient) in their toolboxes, and fill in the gaps!

For the little ones in your wedding

Ring Bearer

These little guys have to get all dressed up and spend most of their day being corrected by their moms – be quieter, don’t lay in the grass, smile bigger. So, reward him for his hard work (and all the cute you’ll see in pictures later) with something fun. If he’s into trains or comic books, find out who his favorite characters are and wrap them up!

Flower Girl

Little girls love getting dressed up and having their nails done. Why not add her to the spa day list, along with her mom? Mommy-daughter mani-pedis would be a great way for her to celebrate after the wedding!

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Summer is here and that means more of us are hitting the pavement and local trails on daily runs. While this is great for our cardiovascular systems, running alone can also be very dangerous, especially for women. Crazy exes, stalkers, and total strangers have been known to follow women out for a run, so make safety part of your exercise routine.

1.  Never run using earbuds or headphones

Having the right song in your ears as you run may keep your tempo up, but it also ups the danger factor, especially for female runners. First, music can cause us to ‘tune out’ the world around us, making us miss that creepy guy that is around every corner or that skeevy van following behind on our route. Being unable to hear a potential attacker approaching from behind will leave you little time to react, either by calling out for help or going into a more public area for help.

2.  Never run the same route

Like the music tip above, running the same route every day or every couple of days, leaves us open to tuning out what is happening around us. By altering the route, your mind remains more alert to what is happening around you on the run, and it also makes it harder for a crazy ex-boyfriend or a stalker to keep track of where you go on your daily run.

3.  Never leave home without protection

If safety apps are mandatory (and they are), so is runner’s mace. These small containers are easy to slip into a pocket or your running bag, and each can has about 10 bursts of spray. The caveat is that mace and pepper spray aren’t legal to carry in all states, so check with law enforcement in your area first.

Speaking of safety apps, we’ve found five that are not only simple to use, but effective, as well.

1.  Watch Over Me

watch over me 248x300 - 3 Summer Safety Tips + 5 Safety Apps Every Woman Should Add To Her Workout

Watch Over Me is a location sharing app. You input what you’ll be doing – driving home for the weekend, going for a run, etc – along with the time your expected to be doing that activity. A countdown starts, and if you don’t confirm your safety at the end, it triggers an emergency alert to pre-selected contacts in your phone. That alert includes what you were doing, and your last GPS-based location so that help can be sent to you. It also includes an automatic emergency alert which you can press to send immediately.

2.  StaySafe

stay safe app 300x198 - 3 Summer Safety Tips + 5 Safety Apps Every Woman Should Add To Her Workout

StaySafe is also timer based, allowing you to enter what you’ll be doing and for how long, and notifies contacts you select if you haven’t confirmed your safety at a certain time. It also includes a safety PIN that you choose, which can be entered to stop an alarm, and a duress PIN (also chosen by you), which can be entered to send immediate alerts to your contacts.

3.  Glympse

glympse 247x300 - 3 Summer Safety Tips + 5 Safety Apps Every Woman Should Add To Her Workout

Glympse is a free app that allows you to share your location for up to four hours at a time with specific people: your mom, roommate, significant other, or best friend. You simply input what you’re doing/where your going, and the information is sent to your contact list, so they can check on you.

4.  RunSafe

runsafe 147x300 - 3 Summer Safety Tips + 5 Safety Apps Every Woman Should Add To Her Workout

RunSafe takes safety a little bit further than simply sharing your location with a pre-selected person. In addition to sharing your location, it has a panic button feature which activates a minutes-long, loud recording and strobe light. This alerts nearby people, but also activates on your pre-selected friends’ phones, alerting them to trouble.

5.  React Mobile

react mobile 159x300 - 3 Summer Safety Tips + 5 Safety Apps Every Woman Should Add To Her Workout

React Mobile is possibly one of the most safety-conscious of these apps. In addition to the ‘follow’ features that are similar to the other apps on our list, it has a panic feature that, when activated, calls friends or 911 to alert them to your situation. The SOS alerts are send via social media (Facebook or Twitter), text, and email, and only deactivates when you key in the cancel alert code.

A bonus to all of these apps is that they can be used outside your exercise regimen – you can use them to walk to your car if you’re working late, if you’re on a long drive alone, or any time you’re alone and feel uneasy about your surroundings. While these apps and tips can’t guarantee your safety, they can go a long way to making you feel more protected and less at risk while going about your day.

Few clothing or accessory purchases match the satisfaction of beautiful, high-quality lingerie. Unfortunately, bra shopping can be an exercise in frustration. From fit to aesthetics, there’s a lot to consider — and that’s before you get down to the question of cost.

Unhappy about seemingly steep price tags, many women wonder: why are bras so expensive? Turns out, a lot goes into constructing lingerie worthy of your wardrobe. Keep reading to learn more about the the downsides of cheap products — and why you should invest in quality lingerie.

How are Bras Made?

Before you can truly understand why cheap lingerie is a raw deal, you need to know what goes into bra production. The main aspects of producing a bra include design, manufacturing, and packaging. Each is complicated in its own way, but also crucial for achieving a desired end product:

A Lengthy Design Process

Long before any sizing considerations occur, designers must consider a bra’s structure and general appearance. In addition to making key decisions about an entire bra collection, designers determine special features and delve into issues with sizing and fit.

Once these considerations have been taken into account, they can proceed with the creation of a prototype prior to building the actual bra. The prototype is then tested to determine sizing accuracy and product quality.

Bra design is a lengthy endeavor; a notable National Geographic video (below) points to fifty people from seven departments at a top designer, who work for six months to perfect a single bra. Some companies take even longer. This extended timeline is only appropriate, given the complexities of bra construction.

Even the most basic bras feature at least 25 individual components, compared to just 15 for a pair of jeans. Many bras feature over 100 separate components.

Manufacturing the Bra

Manufacturing varies significantly from one company to the next, but most cut bra components based on specified patterns. High-end bras tend to be produced with high-grade industrial sewing machines, which ensure better bra construction. The process ends with stitching the label to the bra.


Careful packaging is just as important as design and manufacturing. Bras can sustain significant damage long before they’re worn, simply by being tossed haphazardly into plastic bags. High-quality bras boast equally high-quality packaging, followed by careful transport so as to preserve the shape of the product.

Ever wonder how foam bra cups are shaped? Here’s a short video showing how it’s done on a machine:

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Bra?

The cost of bra production can vary somewhat based on who designs the product, how long the design process takes, and whether the bra is mass-produced. Basic costs include:

  • Hourly rates for designers and manufacturers
  • Materials, including fabric, wire, and embellishments
  • Editorial costs (such as photography, model fee, studio rental)
  • Overhead for the facilities in which the bra is designed and manufactured
  • Shipping
  • Taxes

The costs highlighted above can be shockingly varied, based on current market conditions and several other factors. For example, while seemingly inexpensive, cotton can prove quite costly if droughts take over in top cotton producing states. Editorial necessities, facility rental, shipping, and taxes largely depend on location.

Due to this variability, there is no set price for bra production — but rest assured, boutique bra designers do not produce bras cheaply and keep the difference.

how much does it cost to make a bra

What Happens When You Buy a Cheap Bra?

In the long-term, cheap bras can actually prove far more expensive than seemingly pricey brands, simply because they warp or fall apart so quickly. Even if they stand the test of time, these bras rarely provide the fit or comfort of higher-quality lingerie.

Poor Fit

Cheap bras are mass-produced, and therefore less likely to accurately fit each and every consumer. Sizing may be limited; women with unusual sizes often find it impossible to finding correctly-fitting bras among discount merchandisers. Many ultimately settle for the discomfort of poorly-fitted bras.

Extra hooks, straps, and other accessories commonly included with more expensive bras rarely accompany cheaper models, so it can be challenging to adjust following fluctuations in weight and breast size.

Short Life Span

Cheap bras rarely stand the test of time. They stretch and warp easily; in the unlikely case that a cheap bra fits perfectly in the first place, it certainly won’t after a few months of use. The inexpensive materials used to create these bras degrades quickly, leaving the wearer looking and feeling less than her best.

A bra isn’t truly affordable if it must be replaced every few years; expensive bras may have a higher sticker price, but their longevity and status as investment piece could actually make them the more practical option in the long-term.

Broader Implications

Cheap bras look and feel worse, but you’re by no means the only person impacted by discount lingerie. Companies that produce discount bras tend to save on manufacturing by paying workers less. Many opt for labor from third-world countries, but pass only a small portion of the savings on to the customer.

Bras are nearly always more expensive when produced in developed nations, but buyers can take solace in knowing that the people who worked hard to create their lingerie were paid a fair wage.

what happens when you buy a cheap bra - The True Cost of Buying Cheap Lingerie

How Much Should I Spend on a Bra?

The more you budget for your bra, the better quality you can expect — but there is a point of diminishing returns. Bras priced under $30 are not likely to last, nor are they guaranteed to provide the proper fit and support needed to ensure full comfort. Those over $100 offer the ultimate in lingerie luxury, but at a price point unrealistic for the average woman.

The sweet spot lies somewhere in between; many women prefer bras between $40 and $70, as these offer a nice blend of luxury and practicality — while still remaining realistic from a budgetary standpoint.

how much should i spend on a bra

Seemingly pricey bras constitute a key investment in yourself. The next time you get sticker shock while lingerie shopping, think of the months, even years of hard work that went into each design. The moment you experience the security and luxury of a well made bra, you’ll realize that it’s worth every penny.

We Highly Recommend

Whether you’re shopping for new everyday bras or lingerie for a special occasion, it’s always a good idea to seek out a second opinion. We know how hard it is to find bras that fit well and feel good, especially when you’re doing it on your own. If you’ve ever felt unsure about your bra size or you just don’t know where to go to find good bras, it’s time to let a bra fitter help.

Many specialty lingerie boutiques offer bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Plus, they know where all of the best bras are hiding.

If you’ve struggled with finding bras in the right size, it’s time to make a change. Visit our specialty store locator to find a store near you and schedule an appointment.

Happy bra shopping!

When was the last time you invested in beautiful lingerie?

If your latest purchases have been strictly practical, it’s time to branch out and try something new. The right pieces can completely transform how you feel about yourself and your relationship.

Below, twelve of the most compelling reasons for purchasing stunning lingerie:

1.  It Increases Confidence

Feeling insecure? Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or have been married for years, lingerie will grant you an instant confidence boost. Even on days in which you leave your finest lingerie at home, you’ll find the mere knowledge that you own it empowering.

2.  It’s A Secret (If You Want It To Be)

It’s fun to show off your prettiest lingerie, but you can also gain great enjoyment if nobody else knows about it. Imagine going to work, running errands, or visiting a new boyfriend as you wear your most daring lingerie underneath an ordinary outfit. You’ll love the thrill of keeping (and perhaps, eventually revealing) this intriguing secret.

3.  It Makes You Feel Like A Goddess

Today’s go-girl attitude is great, but when you’re leading the charge at work or holding down the fort as mechanic at home, you might not feel particularly feminine. Whether you wear a dainty teddy with bows and flowers, a lacy bra, or a sexy corset, lingerie can help you release your inner goddess.

4.  It Helps Banish Body Hate

There’s nothing unusual about body insecurity, but unfortunately, it can prevent you from enjoying an intimate relationship with your significant other. High-quality lingerie flatters every type, from curvy to A-cup breasts. You can specifically select lingerie that disguises problem areas, while putting your best features on display. The moment you slip into these carefully selected pieces, you’ll feel proud of your body. This pride will immediately be evident to your significant other, who finds body confidence sexy.

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5.  It’s Empowering

Your partner should love you whether you wear sweats or teddies, but let’s face it: if you always lounge in sweats, you risk sending the message that your sweetheart is no longer worth the effort. The occasional use of beautiful lingerie can re-ignite the spark in your relationship; incorporating it into your daily wardrobe demonstrates that you’re on top of your romantic game.

6.  It’s An Act of Self Love

Many single women make the critical mistake of assuming that only ‘smug marrieds’ deserve the best things in life. But by avoiding lingerie and other elements of self care, you demonstrate to yourself that you don’t matter. This will not set you up for happiness as a single, nor is it an appropriate mindset if you’re looking to land a significant other. If you make the effort of a person falling head over heels, you’ll increase your odds of actually securing the type of relationship in which you might wear lingerie.

7.  It’s A Mood Booster

Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? The right lingerie will infuse new pep into your morning. The resulting positive attitude will lead to greater satisfaction throughout the day.

8.  It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Lingerie has a reputation of luxury, but many brands are surprisingly affordable, especially if you take advantage of regular sales. If you’re looking for a way to splurge on yourself but cannot afford a vacation or a day at the spa, lingerie could be the solution.

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9.  It Enhances Your Outfits

Lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom; whether you wear it alone or underneath your everyday wardrobe, it can present your natural body shape in its best light. An ill-fitting bra or slip can instantly destroy your look, no matter how tailored or attractive the rest of your outfit happens to be.

10.  It’s Fun To Shop For

If you’re a shopper at heart, it’s time to expand your repertoire beyond shoes and purses. Merely browsing lingerie is a blast, and buying it is even better. Whether shopping online, in person, alone, or with a friend in tow, you’ll have a blast exploring the diverse range of available lingerie and determining what bras to invest in.

11.  It Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There’s something to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone. If you tend to shy away from risk, lingerie could be the perfect challenge; it’s not as scary than other bold moves, but also capable of paying big dividends. You’ll never regret broadening your horizons.

12.  It Will Last For Years To Come

With proper care, your intimates could last years. Lingerie is a long-term investment, especially if you wash it by hand. Years from now, your lingerie collection will help you relive many of life’s best moments.

There’s nothing wrong with practical bras and underwear, but if you currently lack beautiful intimates, it’s time to expand your collection. Get ready to experience a new world of femininity, sensuality, and empowerment.

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Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra 6901 | Parfait Charlotte Bikini 6905 in Bronze

We Highly Recommend

Whether you’re shopping for new everyday bras or lingerie for a special occasion, it’s always a good idea to seek out a second opinion. We know how hard it is to find bras that fit well and feel good, especially when you’re doing it on your own. If you’ve ever felt unsure about your bra size or you just don’t know where to go to find good bras, it’s time to let a bra fitter help.

Many specialty lingerie boutiques offer bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Plus, they know where all of the best bras are hiding.

If you’ve struggled with finding bras in the right size, it’s time to make a change. Visit our specialty store locator to find a store near you and schedule an appointment.

Happy bra shopping!

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