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4 Tips for Planning the Easiest Get Together Ever This Weekend - Plan the Easiest Get Together Ever This Weekend

Spending a cozy weekend at home with friends is a relaxing way to catch up and wind down from a busy week. But hosting friends can sometimes feel like more work than play because of the time spent cleaning, shopping, and cooking before a get together. However, to save on your budget and your time, I’d suggest planning smart so that you can actually enjoy the company.

1.  Pick Brunch

Brunch is possibly the most delicious meal of the day and it is so simple to prepare. Healthy and delicious options like avocado toast, a fresh fruit salad, and hard boiled eggs take only minutes to prepare, yet are delicious. Add a hot mug of coffee or tea and your guests will certainly be satisfied. Because no special, hard-to-find ingredients are required, grocery shopping beforehand is simple and it also doesn’t blow the weekly food budget out of the water like hosting dinner might.

2.  Plan Ahead

Prepping the night before will save on time and allow for you to relax when your company arrives. Tidying up, vacuuming, washing dishes from dinner, and even setting the table can be done the night before. These simple tasks won’t take too long to finish, yet can really take the stress off the next morning, possibly even allowing you to sleep in — what could be better than that?

If you plan to do any baking for your brunch get together, consider doing it the night before. However, if you prefer freshly baked banana bread to reheated, then taking out the ingredients, kitchen tools, and recipe the night before can save you time in the morning.

3.  Don’t Be Shy About Asking Guests to Bring Something

I know that some people can feel uncomfortable asking guests to bring something if you are hosting; however, we all should get over this because I’m sure that 99% of people are happy to bring a drink or a dish to share. This is especially true if you pair the item with your friend’s personality and skills. For example, if your girlfriend is a whiz of a baker, consider asking her to bring a loaf of tasty quick bread. Or, if you are inviting busy new parents, how about asking them to bring something to drink?

4.  Kid’s Coming? Be Prepared with Entertainment

Parents, especially those with babies and toddlers, love to be invited over for meals because it means not having to worry about finding a babysitter or dealing with the tantrums that can come while waiting for a meal. It also gives the chance for parents to relax and enjoy adult conversations while their kids are in a relatively calm environment. If you want to make those parents even happier, plan ahead by having a small stash of toys and books out for their kids. Children of any age are very entertained by toys that aren’t their own, so this will encourage independent play, giving parents a much-needed break.

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