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how to stay healthy during the holidays

It’s no question that we tend to eat a little more during the holiday season. There are family dinners to attend, celebrations to be had and treats to be baked. Between the excess sugar and carbs, all that “celebrating” can leave us feeling not-so body positive. But that’s no way to end a year! With a few conscious tips, you can have your pumpkin cake and eat it, too.

Here are eight tips to help you stay focused on staying body positive throughout the holidays.

1.  Consume everything in moderation.

We should consume everything in moderation year-round. However, it’s especially important to consume in moderation during the holiday season. From adult beverages to pumpkin pie and casseroles, be mindful of how much you’re eating and drinking. And remember, what you don’t get to consume today, you can consume tomorrow. When you think of it that way, you’re less convinced you need to fit in that piece of pie.

2.  Drink lots of water.

It’s important to drink lots of water during the holidays. The foods we eat during the season typically aren’t the healthiest. And consequently, those bad foods can add a cog in your digestive wheel. Drinking lots of water will help aid in the digestion of your food and help keep your bathroom visits regular.

3.  Continue doing little things that boost your confidence.

When you’re not feeling very body positive, it’s essential you continue doing the things that boost your confidence. For me, manicured nails and a weekly face mask help me to feel more confident. Whether it’s attending yoga class or listening to a body positive podcast, do things that make you feel healthy and confident. Don’t let the holiday season get you so busy that you forget to do the things that make you feel good.

4.  Have positive thoughts only.

Part of being in on the body positive movement is having positive thoughts. After all, how can you have negative thoughts about yourself and still feel body positive? Remember that when you look at yourself, you are being harsher than others would be. Enjoy the holiday season, rejoice in spending time with loved ones and lift yourself up in any way possible.

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staying healthy during the holidays

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5.  Know your limits.

Knowing your limits will help you to not slip into a misery state during the holidays. For instance, with my family being from the south, food at our gatherings can include a lot of carbs. If we have biscuits and gravy for breakfast, I know I need to avoid carbs at lunch so I don’t feel too bloated or uncomfortable. And once you hit that discomfort level, it can last all day – or even for a couple days. If you know your limits, you can hopefully avoid reaching that level.

6.  Get regular exercise.

Regular exercise is as important as ever during the holidays. Getting all the family together can be stressful, and sometimes stress makes you over eat. Of course, you’re already overeating as it is, which can make you feel a little down. Regular exercise will lower stress levels and decrease those sad feelings. Plus, the exercise will help burn off some of those extra calories you’re packing in. So, don’t forget to pack those tennis shoes before you start your holiday travels!

7.  Eat simply prepared fruits and vegetables.

Although some holiday side dishes contain fruits and veggies, they’re not always healthily prepared. Don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables during your holiday visits. Your body still needs good nutrition, and these foods can help keep your digestion regular during the season.

8.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for indulging in all the holiday season has to offer. Remind yourself that it’s not just you that over-consumes during the holidays. We all do it. The holiday lifestyle is temporary, and you’ll soon be back to your normal diet. However, if you can’t help but be hard on yourself, adjust what you allow yourself to consume. Your goal is to remain confident and body positive throughout the holidays.

The trick to remaining body positive during the holiday season isn’t avoiding all the holiday delicacies. Instead, it’s about continuing the healthy habits you practice year-round. As soon as you forget your healthy habits at the holidays, you can guarantee your body positivity will plummet.

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