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single quotes

Sometimes, singledom gets a bad rap. It seems that the very minute us ladies dare to admit that we’re not actually in a relationship, the world jumps on us and asks why. It’s as though being without a partner is a plague; something that’s odd and not our own choice somehow. It’s not.

Personally, I’m a firm believer in never settling for anything that’s less than what you deserve. So, if you’ve yet to find someone worthy of your time, why would you want to couple up? If you’re a single lady, here are some affirmations just for you. Remember them. Repeat them. Live them.

1. “Being single is not the same as being alone.”

why am i still single

Whoever thought that being single was the same as being alone? You can have an absolutely bustling social life without committing to a romantic relationship. Having meaningful connections with your friends and family is just as fulfilling, if not, more! Remember, you may not have a partner, but you’re certainly not lonely.

2. “A relationship will never, ever define me.”

tired of being single

One of the grave mistakes many ladies make is assuming that having a relationship will somehow complete them. Um, hell no! You’re complete already. There’s no status symbol in getting together with someone just for the sake of it.

3. “I am 100% responsible for my own happiness.”

how to be happy single

Your happiness is your decision; nobody else’s. Remember that. You don’t need the love of someone else to make you content. Relying on the affections of others for your own sense of peace is a dangerous game. You deserve happiness — go get it.

4. “Every day, I will practice the art of self-love.”

happy being single quotes and sayings

There’s only ever one person’s love that you ought to crave — your own. When you love yourself each and every day, nothing can stand in your way. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with respect. Take the time to remind yourself of this self-love whenever you’re feeling a tad low.

5. “I’m free to travel and explore the world.”

quotes about being single

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting things about being single is the fact that you’re free from any ties. You can get up and go whenever you please, without having to consider how it affects anyone else in your life. That is a liberty like no other and one you should exploit sooner rather than later.

6. “I am a strong, beautiful, independent woman.”

can you be single and happy

Pfft… You don’t need another person to remind you how strong, beautiful, and independent you are. These are not mere compliments; they’re facts. Give yourself the inner confidence to go out there and be the very best version of you on a daily basis.

7. “I don’t have to change myself for anyone else.”

being single and happy

You’re perfect just the way you are. Don’t you ever dare forget that. In your weakest moments, you may think that you need to change and be someone new; someone worthy of a relationship. That’s utter rubbish. Right now, you’re living your truth and that’s one thing that should never change.

8. “The right person will love me just as I am.”

being happy single

Should the right person come along in the future, they will love you just as you are. It’s that simple. Anyone who asks you to change a fundamental part of your being is not the right person for you. Stay strong and remember that you deserve love, respect, and adoration. If someone can’t offer you those things, tell them to move along.

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Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger is a freelance writer and digital journalist. Her main areas of interest are health, lifestyle, and relationships. When she’s not writing, she loves reading, gymming, and socializing.

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