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A quality swimsuit is a major confidence boost during swimsuit season. It makes you feel refreshed and polished. So, don’t hold on to a bathing suit that no longer leaves you cheesing when you put it on. It’s time to evaluate your swimsuit collection to decide what stays and what goes.

Here are seven signs it’s time to replace a swimsuit:

1.  You don’t love the style anymore.

Swimsuit styles change. Your personal style changes. A three-year-old swimsuit may have tickled your fancy last summer, yet you’re no longer into it now. That’s okay! But, it is a sign that you’re not going to love wearing it. Go ahead, and toss that swimsuit into your “replace” pile.

2.  The swimsuit’s color is fading.

Your swimsuit’s color is fading. So, what? Not exactly. You bought that swimsuit for a few reasons, and the color was one of them. Faded materials mean the swimsuit is no longer the color you loved. This also means the suit may not be a color that suits your skin tone. For example, a bright yellow bathing suit could fade into a dirty, pastel yellow. Do yourself a favor and replace swimsuits that no longer have appealing colors.

3.  There are snags in the fabric.

Snags in a swimsuit’s fabric instantly ages the swimsuit. It’s certainly fine to wear an old swimsuit, but you don’t want the swimsuit to look old. The snags could be from not laundering the item properly or rubbing against the side of a pool. Either way, you’re not going to like the look of the snags, so it’s best to replace the piece.

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4.  The bottoms are stretched out and saggy.

Overtime, swimsuits can become stretched out – especially bathing suit bottoms. This means that the suit’s waistband may no longer hug your waist. It could also mean that the cheeks of the bottoms no longer cup your booty. Saggy bottoms don’t support your booty or do anything for your confidence! Toss those bottoms before they kill your confidence.

5.  The cups no longer fit or boost your bustline.

The cups in a swimsuit are designed to lift, support and boost your bust. Your swimsuit may stop working for your bust for a few reasons. You could have lost weight, gained weight or the suit could simply be stretched. It’s important that you love the way your boobs look in your swimsuit. And, the right cup size is just how you can accomplish that. Ditch your suit if the cups aren’t making you love your bustline.

6.  The elastic is damaged.

Damaged elastic on a swimsuit isn’t just a cosmetic issue. It’s a functional one, too. Elastic helps the swimsuit hug your body – lifting and sculpting in all the right areas. Elastic that is starting to show may be visually unpleasing, but it’s also a sign the swimsuit needs to be replaced. The more the elastic is exposed to elements – like sun, heat, water or oils – the faster that elastic will deteriorate. You certainly don’t want to be mid cannonball when your elastic straps pop. Toss that swimsuit, and replace it with another you love even more.

7.  The swimsuit no longer makes you feel confident.

Every tip we’ve discussed thus far has one thing in common – how each affects your confidence. You want to look and feel your best in your swimsuit. And, a big part of that is making sure your swimsuit looks and feels its best, too. It’s time to retire a swimsuit if it’s pulling at your confidence instead of boosting it.

A swimsuit’s quality may seem cosmetic, but the impact it has on your mindset is enormous. Take inventory of your swimsuit collection, and toss anything that leaves you feeling less that fabulous. And remember, lightly worn suits that are simply not your size can always be donated.

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new swimsuit

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Happy swimsuit shopping!

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Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Tropical Print
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