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boudoir photo shoot

Many women associate a boudoir shoot with being a bride. However, boudoir shoots are about capturing your femininity and sensuality, whether you’re a bride-to-be or not. I’ve had a bridal boudoir shoot, and I recently had non-bridal boudoir shoot four years after being married. And, I absolutely loved it.

Here’s why every woman should do a non-bridal boudoir shoot (even if you’ve already had a bridal boudoir shoot):

1.  It’s a totally different vibe.

A regular boudoir shoot has a totally different vibe than a bridal boudoir shoot. When you’re a bride-to-be, there are so many fun activities and parties to take advantage of—engagement parties, bridal showers, couple’s showers and boudoir shoots. It’s all exciting because you’re caught up in the moment of being a bride-to-be.

However, a non-bridal boudoir shoot doesn’t have all that hanging over its head. You feel excited only because you’re ready to show off your sensual self. It’s empowering.

2.  You’ve changed since your bridal boudoir shoot.

You have likely changed quite a bit since your bridal boudoir shoot. Whether it’s your personal style or the color of your hair, you don’t necessarily look the same. And, that’s a good thing because life is all about evolving. A non-bridal boudoir shoot captures that personal growth and how you are in that current moment.

3.  It’s about capturing you as a woman, not a bride.

A bridal boudoir shoot is about capturing you as a bride to be. But a regular boudoir shoot simply captures you as a woman. As I said before, you feel like a bride in your bridal boudoir shoot. That bridal feeling takes over, but it’s not there during a regular shoot. Instead, your femininity, sensuality and personality shine for who you are as a woman, not a bride.

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4.  You’ll have non-wedding relating boudoir looks.

Most likely your bridal boudoir shoot features a veil, veiled panties or bridal lingerie. But, wouldn’t it be awesome to have sensual photos of you not wearing wedding-themed lingerie? It’s nice to have those bridal photos, but it’s also nice to have sensual photos of you just being you—whether it’s in black lace or trench coat with nothing underneath.

5.  It’s for you.

I loved having my bridal boudoir shoot, and I had so much fun doing it. But, my main reason for doing the shoot was to be able to use the photos as a gift to my new husband. I wanted to compile them into a professionally printed book as a wedding gift.

However, I had no “bigger picture” ideas in mind for my non-bridal boudoir shoot. I just wanted to be captured as the woman I was right then.

6.  It’s a confidence booster.

I understand that the idea of any boudoir shoot can be intimidating. Wearing lingerie or little clothing in front of photographer who’s snapping photos from all angles? I get it! But, boudoir photographers don’t make a living by being bad at their jobs. They’ll get the lighting just right and capture you from all the right angles. Having professional shots of you when you feel your sexiest is quite the confidence boost.

If photos in lingerie aren’t your thing, that doesn’t mean a boudoir shoot can’t be your thing. A boudoir shoot isn’t about lingerie. It’s about capturing you feeling and looking beautiful in whatever makes you feel the sexiest.

Decided you’re ready for a boudoir shoot? Great! Now, you just have to pick the best boudoir photographer for you.

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