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self love

We wake up, we rush out the door, we power through lunch, we conquer our day, we collapse into bed…and we leave very little time to focus on our health, physical and mental, and to check in with ourselves and see how we’re doing. It’s time to make a little space in your day for self-love. How, you cry, when I’m already doing so much? It’s easy, and doesn’t have to be a huge time suck.

Here are five ways to make time for self-love every day:

1.  Before you dive into your day…

If you’re like me, you’re rushed off your feet in the morning, but even I need to take a minute to drink my coffee and brush my teeth. It’s in these quiet moments that you can perfect the use of mantras. What are mantras, and why the heck would you use them? Because you should start the day as you mean to continue, and if you start the day with some self-love, you’re starting off on a good note.

2.  During your morning break…

This is something you can do throughout the day as the need/thoughts arise. Do you find yourself taking part in a negative monologue? Our thoughts become our reality, so stop being your own worst enemy, and start showing yourself some love. If you need to give yourself a pep-talk, make it constructive, and positive.

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3.  When you’re eating lunch…

Nourish your body! Self-love is as much to do with your diet as it is with your mentality. So eat stuff that makes you feel good/energized, and not heavy/bloated/tired. That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself, because “everything in moderation” is still the best rule to live by. Don’t deny yourself any foods, but don’t binge on them either. Be practical; one brownie does not ruin your day, but 20 might make you feel a little sick.

4.  During your workout…

Yes, exercise should get your heart rate going, it should be “work,” but it shouldn’t be punishing. IF you hate the workout you’re doing, you’re a lot less likely to stick with it. And if you don’t stick with it, then what’s the point? Find something you actually enjoy doing, and that what it won’t feel like such hard work (it might even be a fun way to make new friends!)

5.  Before bed…

Schedule some “me” time. I know how impossible this is for some people, which is why it’s so important: you need some down time. Read a book, enjoy a bath, catch up on TV or with friends, or go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be just you, but it must not feel like hard work. If this means you have to wait until the kids/pets/partner has gone to bed before you can lie on the floor and just breathe, then do it. You need time to piece yourself back together after a hectic day, so you can get up again tomorrow and own it.

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How do you make time for self love?

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