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last minute getaways

Whether your last-minute trip is for a birthday, anniversary, career advancement, or otherwise, you don’t have to submit your wallet to jacked up airline and accommodation prices. With more affordable accommodations already booked up and flight prices creeping up as the flight date gets closer, it can be hard to book a budget-friendly last-minute getaway. But it is possible to plan an affordable surprise getaway, especially if you allow for some flexibility in your travel dates and/or destination choices. Also, consider other modes of transportation and nearby destinations as overall budget savers.

Choose the destination carefully

Opting to visit Disney World during the height of the summer or at Christmastime is definitely not going to be a budget-friendly option, as these are the most popular times of the year to visit. But, if you are looking for a last-minute trip in September, October, January, or February and have the freedom to travel during weekdays, Disney World would be a great option. These four months of the year are least crowded and you can often find accommodation deals and beat the lines on many rides.

Similarly, visiting areas typically known for skiing will offer bargains in the summer when there is no snow. These destinations will offer beautiful accommodations and great options for hiking and outdoor activities.

Search deals

If you don’t have a destination in mind and/or have flexible dates, try using a search engine such as Skyscanner. This flight search engine allows you to select flexible dates or see prices for multiple destinations if you are unsure where you’d like to visit. Having a degree of flexibility can help you to book a great last-minute trip for a budget-friendly price.

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Read blogs and websites

Blogs and websites, especially those local to where you live, often have great suggestions for feasible weekend getaways that you may not have thought of yourself. If you have a car or live in a region of the U.S. with access to great public transportation, you could easily seek out a destination from one of these local blogs and book a budget-friendly accommodation.

U.S. based travel bloggers that I like to read for trip information and ideas are Local Adventurer, Getaway Mavens, and C’est Christine.

Don’t underestimate a nearby vacation

Maybe a staycation is exactly what you need to break routine and help you relax or celebrate. Or maybe, heading over to a nearby town or city would be a great short-notice getaway. I think we tend to ignore local trips in favor of more far-flung options, but that isn’t necessary; great trips can be had nearby as well.

Check your paperwork

If you are traveling outside of the U.S., you’ll have to be sure to check if your passport is up-to-date and if you need a visa. As it takes time to secure a new passport or apply for visa documents, it is essential to think of this prior to booking tickets for your last-minute getaway. And don’t forget to leave enough time to prepare yourself and your home before your trip.

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Your turn! Which apps do you use to save money on travel?

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