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When it comes to finding the perfect bra, bloggers can be a fantastic source of inspiration and information. And did you know that there are a handful of blogs out there dedicated to all things full-bust lingerie?

If you’re wondering about how a particular piece fits for example, a blog review of it will likely be much more in-depth – and include more photos – than any comments or ratings you’ll find on the product page. And if you can find a blogger whose bra size and body type are similar to your own, following them is a great way to discover new lingerie styles that could work well for you.

But there’s more to lingerie blogs than just reviews. They’re also a great place to turn for advice on everything from how to measure your bra size, to how to care for your new purchases. Think of them like an online lingerie magazine, only better – because you can often actually chat to the author if you’ve got questions!

Intrigued? Below are five full-busted bloggers to follow for lingerie content. These aren’t all the full-bust lingerie bloggers out there, but I think they’re some of the best and so a good place to begin reading.

Comics Girls Need Bras

parfait dalis bralette

Photo/Read More: Mini Review: Parfait Dalis Bralette Review (32G & Small)

Canadian blogger Wen is one of my very favourite bloggers, and I especially recommend following her if you wear a small band size and a G+ cup size. She publishes regular reviews that incorporate plenty of high-quality images, giving you an idea of how pieces fit from every angle.

Although primarily focussed on reviews, you’ll also find such gems here as helpful solutions for asymmetrical breasts. Plus she writes an ongoing series about how to incorporate lingerie into different outerwear looks.

Take a peek: Mini Review: Parfait Dalis Bralette Review (32G & Small)

Big Cup Little Cup

parfait charlotte bra

Photo/Read More: Big & Little Cup Review: Parfait Affinitas Charlotte Floral Shimmer: 30GG & 30D

This unique lingerie blog is written by UK-based duo Sian and Charlie. Don’t let the name fool you – they are actually both D+ wearers, with Sian (the ‘Big Cup’) being a G+. So wherever you are on the full-bust cup size spectrum, if you wear a small band size you can find reviews relevant to you.

In fact, one of my favourite things about this blog is that they sometimes both review the same bra. It really helps to highlight the design differences between the D+ and G+ sizes!

You’ll also find content from here on everything from the latest lingerie trends to where to donate your old bras, to various aspects of bra fit.

Take a peek: Big & Little Cup Review: Parfait Affinitas Charlotte Floral Shimmer: 30GG & 30D

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

fuller figure fuller bust voodoo vixen unique vintage Katherine McMorran1 1024x1569 - 5 Full-Bust Lingerie Bloggers To Follow For Lingerie Advice

Photographer: Katherine McMorran

Photo/Read More: Voodoo Vixen x Unique Vintage

George is a funny, down-to-earth blogger who’s based in the UK and writes about both fashion and lingerie for plus sized people with full busts. Especially G+. Although she’s not a retro-fashion blogger specifically, she does have a penchant for pin-up styling, so you’ll find plenty of corset content (and fabulous gowns!) alongside all the bras.

If you’re new to learning about bra fitting, she also has some helpful introductory posts explaining things such as why cup letters are meaningless without an accompanying band size. Expect a humorous and no-nonsense approach to learning about lingerie.

Take a peek: A Review Of The ‘Charlotte’ Parfait By Affinitas Set

Curvy Girl Thin

curvy girl thin lingerie review 1024x576 - 5 Full-Bust Lingerie Bloggers To Follow For Lingerie Advice

Photo/Read More: Plus Size Essentials: The Bralette

Also hailing from the UK, Charli is another plus-sized, full-busted blogger whose fashion and lingerie content comes with a large splash of body positivity. She wears a G+ cup too, and a usually 36 band size.

Alongside regular reviews, you’ll also find musings on self care and body confidence, a guide to taking great lingerie selfies, and much more.

Take a peek: A Curvy Girl’s Lingerie Essentials – The Vintage Inspired Bra

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings x Playful Promises Adira Sylvie Rosokoff - 5 Full-Bust Lingerie Bloggers To Follow For Lingerie Advice

Photographer: Sylvie Rosokoff

Photo/Read More: Review: Playful Promises Adira Harness Bra and Kendalle Waspie

Last but definitely not least is US-based, G+ cup-wearing Sweets, another of my very favourite bloggers. Her witty writing style is fun to read, and her photographs are always excellent – especially the elaborate, one-woman editorials that she puts out a few times per year.

Sweet Nothings features lingerie at pretty much every price point, and is about a 50/50 mix of lingerie reviews and other content. Click ‘Lingerie 101‘ to find a list of posts perfect for beginners, from caring for your lingerie to building a lingerie wardrobe.

Take a peek: Review: Parfait Danielle Longline Bra and Shortie

That concludes the list, but of course, you’ve also got the Parfait blog right here which is simply overflowing with full-bust focussed content!

Who are your favourite full-busted bloggers that share lingerie advice? Let us know in the comments section below.

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