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As an expectant mother, you’ll find reams of advice on what to buy for the baby. But there’s less guidance out there on what to buy for yourself. It’s fun to get caught up in buying bottles and booties, but don’t forget to also consider your own post-birth needs.

Once the baby arrives, you probably won’t have the time, energy or desire to go out shopping straight away. And lingerie is one of those things you should think about now.

As the mother of a newborn, your body will be different and your typical day will look different. It makes sense that the lingerie you want to wear might change too.

Here are five lingerie or loungewear ideas to consider adding to your wardrobe in preparation:

Nursing bras

Let’s start with the obvious one. If you plan to breastfeed, you’re going to want some nursing bras! Note that maternity bras are not the same thing as nursing bras – these are simply comfy options to wear during pregnancy. Be sure the bras you’re buying come with a clasp or other mechanism that allows your baby easy access at feeding times.

You’ll want to get at least two nursing bras, so you’ve got one to wear while the other is in the wash. But as with all things that come into close proximity with a newborn baby, they’re prone to getting drooled on (or worse!) So I’d say three is a more sensible minimum figure, and that’s assuming you’re happy to be laundering bras every day or two.

Do wait until the end of your pregnancy to buy these though, as your cup size will probably increase the most during the third trimester – and could increase again when your milk comes in.

Sleep bras

One thing all new mothers have to deal with is milk leakage – even if you don’t intend to breastfeed, it will still happen until your milk dries up. Rather than risk wet bedsheets, a sleep bra allows you to keep absorbent nursing pads in place during the night.

Support likely isn’t a priority here. You just want something that’s ultra-comfy, so a soft, wireless bralette may do the trick. If you really don’t fancy sleeping with a bra on, a camisole with built-in bust support is another option.

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Comfortable loungewear

Whether you’re spending hours per day breastfeeding or rocking the little one to sleep, chances are that you’ll be doing a lot of lounging around during your baby’s first few months.

And when you’re trying to catch a little shut-eye yourself in the middle of the day, you’ll definitely thank yourself for having invested in some good loungewear. Things like soft robes and stylish pajama sets will make you feel comfy-yet-pulled-together when you wear them around the house, but you can also comfortably doze off in them too.

Absorbent underwear

It may not be fun to talk about, but it’s a fact of postpartum life that you’re likely going to experience heavy bleeding for a while – potentially as much as several weeks. Most people deal with this by wearing pads. However, anti-leakage underwear is also a thing, and it can be more stylish than it sounds!

Although absorbent underwear alone won’t be sufficient in the early days (when the bleeding is at its heaviest), it can work later on or as a backup to a pad. You shouldn’t have to let the worry of embarrassing leaks stop you from taking your baby out for a stroll, or visiting with friends and family.


Whether you want to wear shapewear after giving birth, or ever, is entirely down to personal preference of course. But for those of you who think it will boost your body confidence, you may be wondering when it’s safe to start wearing it.

The good news is that it’s often fine to wear shapewear as soon as you want to after the birth. In fact, postpartum abdominal ‘binding’ has been practised for centuries, not just for the flattening effect but because it can also help to improve posture and provide abdominal support while your muscles recover.

However, because all births and bodies are different, speak to your midwife or doctor for advice before investing in some new shapewear. And once they okay it, remember to look for a breathable fabric (especially important if you have C-section scars that are still healing).

If you’ve had a baby before, how did your lingerie preferences change afterward? Is there anything you regretted not buying in advance? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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Happy bra shopping!

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