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body positivity

Maybe you catch a glance at yourself in the mirror, or maybe you see a woman with a dramatically different physique walking by. Maybe you’re flipping through a fashion magazine, or scrolling through your Instagram feed. Insecurity can creep in at any moment, and when it does, it can be tough to rebound back to a body positive state of mind. The insecurity could only last a few minutes, but it could also hang over you for days, unnecessarily draining you of happiness.

So, how can you hop back on the body positivity train when you’re feeling insecure? Here are five foolproof tactics:

1.  Snap a selfie

Did you know that taking a photo of yourself can actually enhance how you see yourself?  In fact, in one 2016 survey by Today and AOL, a whopping 65 percent of females said that seeing their selfies on social media elevated their self-confidence. So, whenever you’re feeling particularly fabulous — whether it’s because you’re rocking a super flattering new dress for date night, just got a professional blowout, or finally mastered the smoky eye — reverse your camera and snap a pic.

2.  Revamp your social media feed

Without a doubt, social media is one of the most common triggers of physical insecurities. It’s easy to start comparing yourself to others while scrolling through their images — but remember: people are only posting their most flattering photos (and in many cases, filtering, Photoshopping or otherwise doctoring them).

One 2011 study revealed that avoiding social comparisons is one of the best ways to boost your body satisfaction. So if you’ve been feeling a little down about your body, consider going through your feed and unfollowing any account that causes negative self-talk. Then, replace those accounts with body positive ones. Ideally, you want your social media feed to reflect women who make you feel included, accepted, and most of all, beautiful. Diversify your feed to reinforce the idea that women come in all shapes and sizes, and you’re bound to see your body positivity skyrocket.

3.  Rock some red

Every woman had a unique personal style, and we all have colors we gravitate toward wearing. But when you need a lift, consider wearing red. Why? Well, according to a 2017 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, most people feel more physically attractive when they’re rocking this fiery hue. Participants who wore red rated themselves higher in regards to both attractiveness and sexual appeal than participants wearing other colors. By the way — in case you needed another reason to believe that red could help with your self-confidence: other research has shown that people mentally associate red with power.

4.  Find role models who emphasize inner beauty

Be careful of admiring celebrities for their looks. It may be tempting to idolize bloggers, actresses, or singers based on their appearance, but doing so only emphasizes that looks are worth more than they actually should be.

Find some new role models who you look up to for the right reasons — whether that’s because they’re successful, courageous, intelligent, or outspoken. The more your value these traits in others, the more you’ll be able to recognize that your own self-worth goes far deeper than your looks.

5.  Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

It’s normal to have a negative thought pop into your head once in a while, but it’s how you deal with it that matters. If you don’t replace the thought, it’s more likely to become persistent, and that’s when it will start to impact your mood and overall self-esteem. One of the most effective ways to change negative thought patterns is to immediately replace them with positive alternatives. For example, if you’re looking in the mirror and thinking “my hips look huge,” you could turn that around and think, “I’m thankful for my wide hips because they look amazing in a pencil skirt.” It may prove challenging at first, but the truth is, there’s a positive spin to anything negative you could think about your body. Start rewiring those thoughts and you’ll quickly find the negative self-talk becoming less and less frequent.

When you’re feeling insecure, you may look to your friends or significant other to say the right thing and drag you out of it. But ultimately, it’s important to be able to look within for a self-esteem boost — and these five strategies should help get you started.

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