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how is a bra supposed to fit

Your bra is one of the first things you put on in the morning, and how you feel in that bra will impact your day. Just as a killer outfit can boost your confidence, a poor fitting bra will kill your confidence – even if your outfit is on point. Let’s talk about the poor fitting bra symptoms and how they can decrease your confidence.

Your clothes won’t be as flattering on your body.

Feeling like your clothes aren’t flattering can be one of the poor fitting bra symptoms. A bra that’s too small will hug your body too tightly, creating skin bulges around the bra. Whether you’re wearing a tight- or loose-fitting shirt, skin bulges don’t make any woman feel confident. And a bra that’s too big can leave gaps in between your breast and the cup of the bra. This gap can be seen even with a shirt on because it makes the shirt’s fabric buckle. (Trust me, I experienced this for years, then I finally realized I was wearing the wrong bra size.)

Wearing a bra that’s truly the right size for you will make your clothes fit better, and you’ll feel more confident in them.

You won’t like how you look in the bra.

I’m a firm believer that how you look on the outside dictates how you feel on the inside. If you feel great about how you look, you’ll feel even better. But, when you don’t like how you look, you tend to not feel as well. This concept is extremely important when it comes to your bra. Your bra is most likely the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off each day. So, how you feel when you see yourself in just the bra affects your confidence that day.

If the bra doesn’t fit you, you’ll be able to tell just by looking at it. (For instance, the center part of the bra may not be touching your chest.) Omit the chances of your confidence plummeting first thing in the morning by only wearing bras that fit you and make you feel fierce.

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how should a bra fit

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You’ll have to adjust the bra often.

How do you feel when you’re wearing a dress that requires constant adjusting? Maybe the dress is too tight or too short, so you must continuously put it back in place. It’s frustrating, and it can tug at your confidence, right? The same goes for your bra. You don’t need to be pulling up your bra straps or adjusting your breasts to better fill your bra. The right sized bra will give you peace of mind that your bra will stay in place and do its job all day long.

It will be uncomfortable and unsupportive.

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in your bra, it was probably the wrong bra size. Poor fitting bras can squeeze your back, dig into your shoulders and hurt your back and breasts. Yes, you read that correctly – the wrong bra size can hurt your breasts. This is because the bra may squeeze them too tightly or not support them appropriately. And it can be painful when your breasts aren’t fully supported by your bra!

Discomfort caused by your bra will certainly not help your confidence. If your body is hurting, you’re not going to feel enthusiastic about what your day entails. All you’ll think about is getting home and taking off that dreaded bra. And, that’s no way to have to go through your day!

Poor fitting bra symptoms can be detrimental to your confidence. And, confidence is key to being positive and loving yourself. If your bra isn’t boosting your confidence, go for a bra fitting and treat yourself to a new bra or two. Once you feel your confidence boost, you won’t know how you survived a day in the wrong sized bra.

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Happy bra shopping!

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