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4 simple ways to include more travel in your life - 4 Simple Ways To Include More Travel In Your Life

Sometimes travel is out of the question for the immediate future. Or, sometimes you have just come home from a great trip, but are now struggling with the post-vacation blues. But, travel doesn’t have to only take place while you are away from home; you can also “travel” every day if you have the right mindset. Read on to learn so you can bring more travel into your life.

1.  Day and Weekend Trips

day and weekend trips - 4 Simple Ways To Include More Travel In Your Life

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It is easy to forgo nearby destinations in favor of exotic locales, but you might want to reconsider when plans for other trips are temporarily grounded. Sometimes, for just the price of a full gas tank and perhaps a cup of coffee, you can opt to explore the nearest city or a neighboring town that you’ve not been to for years. Just imagine what you might discover just an hour from your home — your new favorite café, a beautiful national park, or a quaint pedestrian-only street might be just around the corner.

2.  Home Décor

home decor - 4 Simple Ways To Include More Travel In Your Life

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Beat the post-holiday blues with some travel-inspired home décor. When traveling, don’t limit yourself to fashion, jewelry, or typical souvenirs, because accessories for the home can be some of the best ways to feel as though you’re on vacation even while at home. From an intricate throw pillow cover from Laos to a beautiful piece of artwork purchased from a market in Belgium, looking at these items will remind you of your travels. Even a simple map hung on the wall and dotted with pins or stickers to mark your past visits or future wishes can be inspiring and bring travel into the home.

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3.  Explore Locally

explore locally - 4 Simple Ways To Include More Travel In Your Life

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Have Saturday afternoon free? Check your local or regional newspaper or hop onto your library’s webpage to see if there are any events happening locally. You might find apple festivals in the fall or strawberry picking in the summer, interesting talks given by local experts, or free guided tours. And best of all, many of the events you might find are free or have minimal costs, and might allow you to mingle with new people. Who knows what you’ll find happening in your own town?

4.  Savor International Cuisine

savor international cuisine 2 - 4 Simple Ways To Include More Travel In Your Life

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Live in a small town with limited restaurant options or on a tight budget? Hop online to search recipes or head to your local library to borrow a recipe book. Perhaps you are currently wanderlusting over a trip to Vietnam, but your travel savings fund is a bit thin at the moment. This would be the best time test out a few recipes for pho, potentially transporting you from your kitchen to the beaches of Vietnam with each spoon full. It can be fun to learn to cook a recipe from your favorite international cuisine, and might even become your go-to dinner party meal.

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