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what is a longline bra

Have you ever worn a longline bra? After many years of not getting much attention, there’s lately been a resurgence in popularity of this retro-esque bra shape. That’s probably thanks to the bralette trend, which includes as many long, crop-top inspired pieces as it does ones with a flimsy, ultra-narrow band.

Longline bras don’t have to be wireless though, and you can easily get your hands on one that’s wired, moulded, or even push-up padded.

Here are some benefits of a long line bra, that a standard bra just doesn’t have:

Enhanced support

You’ve heard that most of the support in a bra should come from the band right? So it follows that more band = more support. Though, disclaimer, this doesn’t apply to every longline bra. It depends on how that band is structured.

A longline bra with a band that ‘grips’ the body provides a lot of added support. And even more so if that band is boned, like on the Sandrine, for added sturdiness. However, if the added length is simply a frill of loose fabric or a thin, super-stretchy lace, it won’t have the same effect. A longline, just like a regular-width band, should feel relatively firm and snug if it’s to be able to do its job of supporting properly.

Smoothing and shaping

If you have a soft ribcage, bra bands will have a tendency to cut in more on you, creating ‘back bulge’ above and below the band. If this bothers you, you might have tried to remedy the situation by wearing a larger band size – but as explained above, a looser band means less support.

Instead, a better idea is to wear a wider band, which distributes the weight of your bust over a larger surface area and so cuts in less. And a longline is the ultimate wide band! You’ll get a smoother silhouette under tight and fitted clothing, and the longest of longlines may even cinch your waist a little. Think of them as a lightweight and pretty kind of shapewear.

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longline lace bra

More space to show off lace!

Or satin, or whatever other fabric type it’s made out of. Longline bras can look ultra-pretty when they’re made from something like lace or an eye-catching print, simply because there’s more of it visible. Why settle for having a beautiful fabric on the cups only, when you could have it extending half-way down your torso too?

Versatility as outerwear

Because longline bras cover more of your body than a standard-length one, they look less lingerie-like (because they’re not what we’re used to picturing when we think ‘bras’), and provide added modesty. Both of which make them perfect for styling a lingerie-as-outerwear look.

I recently wrote about how to incorporate a bralette into your outfit, and many of the ideas can be applied to longline wired bras too. How about wearing one peeking out from below a fitted blazer for example, or as a crop top with high-waist jeans?

I would love to know why you like longline bras – or if not, why you don’t! Let me know in the comments section below.

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longline plunge bra

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Happy bra shopping!

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