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3 smart ways to make vacation delays stress free this summer - 3 Smart Ways to Make Vacation Delays Stress-Free This Summer

Stress-free vacations are the best vacations, but what happens when before you board that plane or set off on that cruise, delays have your stress level at max capacity? Delays can be a vacation killer, but these three tips will help you slay even the most stressful of vacation delays.

1.  Keep customer service emails, social media handles, and phone numbers handy.

best travel delay tips - 3 Smart Ways to Make Vacation Delays Stress-Free This Summer

We’ve all heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and that is true in vacation travel, as well. Put the contact information for your flight or cruise, your hotel, rental car, and insurance company in a note on your phone for easy access. If you happen to get bumped, or your luggage gets lost calling the airline, ship, or train in question first is key – it could be the difference between making the next flight and missing a whole day of vacation. And, if you do get bumped, ask for cash rather than a voucher. Cash can be used immediately, vouchers cannot, plus vouchers usually have a time limit.

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2.  Prep your tech for delays.

best travel delay tips 2 - 3 Smart Ways to Make Vacation Delays Stress-Free This Summer

Make sure phones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers are fully charged – and that everything except your phone is turned off – before leaving your house to conserve battery power. Then, consider investing in a lightweight, portable charger so that if stuck in an airport and without access to an electric outlet, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop won’t run out of battery. Keep additional charging cords and headphones in the bag you keep with you, rather than the bag you check. That way if you’re stuck at the gate for hours, you can keep yourself entertained.

3.  Keep at least one fresh set of undies in your carryon bag.

best travel delay tips 3 - 3 Smart Ways to Make Vacation Delays Stress-Free This Summer

Short-term delays have a tendency to become overnight ordeals, especially during the height of summer travel season. Your carry-on may not have room for a full change of clothes – if it does, kudos! And keep a full change available – but having the minimum of a fresh bra, panties, and socks will at least ensure that you don’t feel completely grungy if the first night of vacation winds up spent at an airport gate instead of the resort hotel you’d planned to visit.

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