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The morning is an extremely important time — what you do after you first wake up can set the tone for your mood and mentality for the entire rest of the day. These days, we’re all about self-love. You know, the kind of total acceptance and appreciation of oneself that allows you to feel more relaxed, confident and empowered in every aspect of life. And what better time to engage in self-love than first thing in the morning?

If you need a little inspiration for starting off on the right foot, try performing these acts of self love after waking up.


For many of us, the morning can turn into a frantic time. The alarm goes off, maybe we hit snooze once or thrice, and next thing you know you’re scarfing breakfast in the car. Beginning your day in a state of anxiety can make it nearly impossible to feel balanced as the day goes on. As difficult as it may be, start setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier each day. And while it may be tempting to immediately open up Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, resist the urge. Studies have shown that using multiple social media apps puts you at a higher risk for depression and anxiety. And is it any surprise? If you kick your day off looking at other people’s photos, statuses, etc., you’re bound to start comparing yourself to them. As a result, you may be left feeling inadequate.

That’s why it’s a great idea to start your day with even just 5 to 10 minutes of meditation. The idea is to increase your self-awareness, bring your focus back to the present, and hone in on your breathing as well as other sensations. Guided meditations are a phenomenal place to start if your mind tends to wander or you’re prone to getting distracted. For example, the free app Insight Timer has thousands of meditations to choose from, which you can filter by how much time you have. Many of the guided meditations are led by neuroscientists, psychologists and meditation teachers from top universities, and they focus on everything from stress management, self love, dealing with anxiety, compassion, and concentration.

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Move your body

You definitely want to bring awareness to your body in the morning. Not only is it important to get the blood flowing early in the day, but firing up your body can help to fire up your brain as well. Plus, exercise comes with mood-boosting benefits, which can be super advantageous for starting your day on a happy note. Oh, and did we mention that exercise can energize you? You may not even need that morning cup of joe after a quick sweat session. To boot, research has shown that people who exercise in the morning experience higher quality, deeper sleep.

If you don’t think it’s realistic to hit the gym for a full hour-long workout, make time for a 20-minute power walk around the neighborhood or 30-minute yoga session at home.

Pamper yourself

When you’re rushing around in the morning, sometimes all you can muster in the way of self-care is brushing your teeth, running a brush through your hair and maybe covering up those dark circles with some concealer. We’re giving you permission to pamper yourself in the morning — in the name of self-love. Treating yourself will reinforce the idea that you’re worth the extra time, plus help boost your self-confidence for the day.

This act might vary depending on your preferences and priorities. You might want to spend some extra time on your morning skincare regimen, introducing a new toner or serum. Or, you might decide to allow yourself some time to soak in a warm bath. Whether pampering to you means spritzing on some perfume, curling your hair, or achieving the perfect cat-eye with your makeup, the point is to do something that’s enjoyable and also elevates your self confidence.

Ready to face the day? The truth is, the morning marks a phenomenal opportunity to establish self love. After all, if you show yourself some TLC at the beginning of your day, you’re much likely to be kind to yourself throughout the afternoon and evening.

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