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self love quotes

Do you think before you speak? Sometimes we avoid saying things that could appear ‘arrogant’ or ‘self-centered’ because we think those around us will judge us. Forget what they think! In truth, you should speak up and say positive things about yourself. There’s nothing better than that. Here are some phrases you have every right to say.

1.  “My body is absolutely beautiful”

Say it loud and say it proud. Your body is a beautiful thing. The relationship that you have with it should be positive and strong. It’s that simple. Telling yourself – or even the world – that you love your shape isn’t arrogant. It’s honest. You should love your body. You deserve to appreciate it. It’s the only way to live your life.

2.  “I deserve peace and happiness”

Happiness isn’t something that you should have to chase. Everyone out there deserves to feel peace and joy every single day. Sure, things may feel hard from time to time. You may start to believe that the world is somehow against you. It isn’t. The reality of the situation is that you make your own luck and you choose how you feel. Choose bliss.

3.  “I don’t have to change for anybody else!”

Do you feel as though you should change the way you act to suit other people? Do you feel like you need to be ‘better,’ ‘cooler’ or ‘prettier’ for them? You don’t. You are just the person that you need to be right now and you should remember that. You don’t have to change yourself or act differently. That’s not who you are. Be yourself.

4.  “No one can make me feel unattractive”

Other people have no right to make you feel unattractive. You can’t base your self-worth on what they say or how they look at you. Understand that you are a beautiful person – both inside and out. When you start to own that and take control of who you are, there’s nothing more attractive. Be assured of yourself… and everything else will come.

5.  “I love who I am right now”

Do you love yourself? Do you truly adore who you are? You should! There’s nothing wrong with saying it aloud. Showing yourself some much-needed appreciation is one of the ways in which you can look after yourself. Don’t feel ashamed of loving yourself and admitting that who you are is worthy of that feeling. You are special. Own it.

6.  “I choose to be proud of who I am”

We all make mistakes. We all achieve great things too. What you choose to focus on is entirely up to you. You don’t need to punish yourself for whatever you’ve done wrong in your life. Instead, you should take the time to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Look at how far you’ve come over the years and take some pride in all that you have done.

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7.  “I look so fantastic today”

Do you ever catch yourself in the mirror and think “Wow. I look fantastic today”? No? Well, perhaps you should. When you’re getting ready to go out, take the time to remind yourself of how truly beautiful you are. It may have been a while since you said it aloud.

8.  “I am in control of everything choice I make”

The decisions you make in your life are yours and yours alone. Sure, you may want to take other people’s opinions into consideration, but at the end of the day, no one else can dictate what you do or how you feel. Keep that in mind. You are in control of every single choice you make and that can only be a good thing.

9.  “My uniqueness is a gift”

You are unique. Some people let their uniqueness feel like a burden. They think that being ‘different’ means that they are worth less than others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever it is that makes you special and different, you should be proud of it. Nobody else out there is just like you – and that is magical.

10.  “I have the power to make myself happy”

Feeling down in the dumps? Sometimes we all feel a little low and don’t know how to handle the problems that we face. It can be seriously disheartening when it seems as though things just aren’t going our way. Don’t let that horrible feeling hold you back. You have the power to make yourself happy. Use it.

11.  “I am not what other people say”

People will talk. People always talk. If you find that those around you say things that hurt your self-confidence, you just need to remember one simple thing. You are not always what they say. They can make their mind up about who you are but that doesn’t affect you. Only you get to define yourself. Nobody else.

12.  “I am exactly who I’m supposed to be”

Believe it or not, you are just the person that you were always supposed to be. There’s a reason that you feel the way that you do right now. There’s a reason that you act the way that you do too. Understanding that you are the person that you are meant to be is a great power. Remember that simple message when times get tough.

Self-love is all about admitting that your feelings toward yourself are positive. The world is hard enough without you being even harder on yourself. Start saying these things when things start to get difficult and that self-doubt begins to creep into your head.

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Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger is a freelance writer and digital journalist. Her main areas of interest are health, lifestyle, and relationships. When she’s not writing, she loves reading, gymming, and socializing.

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